Can Your Air Conditioning Handle the Heat?

A New System Might Be in the Cards

spring ac tune-up new jerseyThere are still salt stains on your boots and snow slush on your snow shovel, but spring is right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about your home’s cooling systems.

Maybe your central air conditioning or ductless mini-split units are getting old. Perhaps you’re still relying on tired window units. Whatever the reason, you might have air conditioning that isn’t up to the challenge of a sweltering New Jersey summer.

Luckily, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your A/C equipment. Demand is lower than it will be in the heat of summer. Dixon Energy can assess your system and recommend needed repairs and replacement options. Here are some questions our technicians often receive.

Should I repair or replace my home cooling equipment?

If an HVAC professional installed your home’s air conditioning, it could last for 12-15 years. However, as time goes on, its effectiveness will worsen. Even if you get regular maintenance for your equipment, it will lose 30% efficiency after ten years of usage.
Some common signs that your A/C needs a check-up are:

Here are some factors should you consider when deciding whether to replace an older system:

If the answer is to any of those questions is yes, you might need to replace your air conditioning.

What are the best options for an a/c upgrade?

Dixon Energy offers air conditioning systems to fit every home and budget. We install central air systems from leading manufacturers Amana and Fujitsu, and our expert technicians have the experience to ensure total comfort in your home.

If your house doesn’t have ductwork or if you need some extra cooling power for an outbuilding or addition, consider a ductless mini-split air conditioning unit. Easier to install than ductwork and far more efficient than window units, mini-splits provide the perfect balance!

How do I keep my air conditioning equipment working well?

Just like your home’s heating systems, your air conditioning requires regular maintenance to continue working at peak efficiency. You should have an annual tune-up performed by a professional service technician.

Dixon Energy performs comprehensive tune-ups on all cooling systems. For the best coverage, we strongly recommend our Cool Comfort service plan. This plan comes with a free 14-point tune-up each year. If you need a sudden repair for your equipment, the plan offers a 15% discount on parts and labor and 15% off the diagnostic fees.

You can even bundle a Cool Comfort plan with a heating and/or water heating plan and save up to 10%!

Don’t wait—contact us now to have a friendly, skilled Dixon Energy team member assess your home’s cooling systems.