4 Reasons Service Plans Are Worth Every Penny

You Can Protect Yourself from Expensive HVAC Equipment Repairs and Replacements

service plans new jerseyYour home heating is probably humming like crazy this time of the year, keeping you and your family warm and comfortable.

When your HVAC system is working well, it’s easy to forget what a vital and expensive part of your home it is. But anyone who has spent thousands of dollars to replace a furnace or boiler can confirm that it’s essential to keep your equipment in working order.

The best method for guaranteeing that your heating and cooling equipment receives the maintenance it requires is to purchase a service plan. Dixon Energy offers several service plans for heating and cooling systems, allowing you to choose the coverage that fits both your house and your budget.

Here are four reasons that our service plans are worth every penny.

Free Tune-Ups Save You Money and Worries

All Dixon Energy service plans include an annual tune-up, efficiency inspection and preventive maintenance. Our skilled, experienced technicians give your system a full work-over, which will ensure that your equipment is in good operating condition to keep your energy expenses low.

Your HVAC system will last longer, break down less often, and operate at its maximum efficiency with proper maintenance. As a result, your will use less fuel. That’s great for your bank account. Our techs can also spot small issues before they become big problems.

Repairs Won’t Bust Your Budget

All equipment needs repair work from time to time. Luckily, a Dixon Energy service plan helps keep your expenses down. The cost of repairing heating and air conditioning systems can balloon fast, but your plan covers many replacement parts. You will also receive discounts on repairs.

No Waiting in Line

When your heating breaks down in the middle of winter or your A/C stops working on the hottest day of the year, you won’t want to wait for service. And you don’t have to with a Dixon service plan!

Our coverage lets you skip the line, so to speak. Each plan comes with priority service for maintenance calls and system repairs.

You Need to Protect Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Did you know that most manufacturers’ warranties require you to get routine maintenance every year? If you skip annual service, you could wind up incurring the total cost of equipment repairs, even if the manufacturer’s warranty covers them. A Dixon Energy service plan means you will never miss a mandated tune-up again.

Families across New Jersey trust Dixon Energy to take care of their HVAC equipment. Contact us today to join our community of happy customers!