Yuck! Avoid Sludge in Your Home Heating Oil Tank.

What causes oil tank sludge — and how can you avoid it?

heating oil tank Morristown, NJ How often do you think about your home’s heating oil tank? For many Dixon Energy customers, the answer is not too often. And during the spring and summer, many homeowners don’t think of your heating oil storage, period. After all, your furnace or boiler is powered down for the warm seasons. What is there to worry about with your oil tank?

At Dixon Energy, we advise our customers in Morristown, Randolph and elsewhere in our Morris, Somerset, Union and Southern Sussex County region to take precautions to prevent harmful agents from forming in their tanks — including heating oil sludge.

What exactly is heating oil sludge?

Heating oil sludge is a gunk that can form at the bottom of your tank. It’s composed of dirt, rust, oxidized fuel and water. There are some serious risks in letting this sludge accumulate over time:

How do you avoid heating oil sludge?

To stop sludge from forming inside your heating oil tank, your best bet is not to let the tank sit empty for long periods. During the warmer seasons, near-empty tanks can form condensation. This moisture ends up settling below your oil in the tank, where it creates sludge. If you minimize condensation, you can slow down sludge.

The best way to do this is to arrange a heating oil delivery if you end winter with a tank that’s less than half full. You’ll be ready well in advance of next winter with a full tank, and you’ll reduce the risk of condensation. And don’t worry — heating oil has a long shelf life and will still be good when winter returns.

Can you get rid of heating oil sludge?

Worried about heating oil sludge in your tank? Talk to Dixon Energy, and we can inspect your tank to see if there’s been an accumulation.

If you have a sludge issue, there’s a process to get it out. A waste oil collector can drain out all fuel first. Then, they’ll clean out the sludge for safe disposal. This can save you money on repairs and help your heating system perform better.

Need Help with Your Heating Oil Tank? Call Dixon Energy!

Heating oil tanks can last for multiple decades, but eventually, they’ll need to be replaced. Whether you need your aging oil tank inspected for wear and tear or replaced altogether, Dixon Energy can help. We offer FREE heating oil tank inspections, and we install cutting-edge modern tanks that are virtually leak-proof. Plus, you may qualify for free introductory Proguard tank protection.

With Dixon Energy as your home comfort partner, you’ll never need to worry about an oil tank issue. Contact us today for a consultation about your heating oil tank.