Which Residential Propane Tank Size is Best for You?

propane tank sizes new jersey Propane is one of the most versatile fuels on the market. You can heat an entire home with it. You can just power one appliance, or you might fall somewhere in the middle.

For many people in Morris, Somerset, Union and Sussex Counties, a 20-pound propane cylinder will do the trick to power their grill. Others need more expansive propane storage at their homes, and Dixon Energy is here to help them choose the right stationary propane tank.

Our standard propane tank sizes

We offer a wide range of aboveground propane tanks, so we can always find a model that works for a customer’s home systems and appliances.

When discussing the different propane tank sizes, it’s essential to consider precisely how much fuel they hold. Propane expands and contracts as the temperature fluctuates. Water does the same thing, but propane’s volume increases 17 times more than water. Our propane delivery team must account for these fluctuations, so we always leave 20 percent empty space in the tank. This is called the “80 percent fill rule.”

With that in mind, here are some standard tank sizes, how much fuel they hold and what kind of homes they serve.

How we choose the right propane tank size for your home

When a new customer comes to Dixon Energy, we ask some questions to identify the best propane tank for them:

How many propane appliances and systems do you have?

Do you only need to power a range and a clothes dryer, or do your heating and hot water depend on propane? We also consider the size of your home when considering how much propane you’re likely to use in a given month.

Who is living in your home?

If you have an infant or an older adult in the house, you may need to keep the temperature higher. If someone works from home, you can expect the heat to run all day in the winter. This all goes into our calculations.

What kind of weather do you experience?

We know how frigid the winters in northern New Jersey can get, and we account for them. If you live in a region that sees roads shut down because of massive snowfalls, you may need extra fuel storage to buffer you when deliveries are delayed.

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If you need a knowledgeable propane delivery partner who won’t let you run out — regardless of the challenges — you can count on Dixon Energy. Our friendly technicians will work closely to help you find the right propane tank. Then, we’ll get you set up fast and provide reliable fuel delivery for years to come.

We can’t wait to show you the Dixon Energy difference. Contact us to become a customer.