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service plans new jerseyA home cooling system is a big investment for a New Jersey homeowner, and the most important way to protect that investment is to get routine maintenance for your equipment every year. The best way to do that? Choose a comprehensive Cool Comfort Service Plan from Dixon Energy.

Why choose a Service Plan for your central air conditioner? Consider these great benefits:

  • Lower energy bills – Your cooling system accounts for nearly half the energy use in your home during the summer, so keeping it running efficiently is an important part of saving money on your monthly bill. With a Service Plan, your technician will keep your system working optimally to keep your energy costs down.
  • Fewer repairs – About 80 percent of cooling system breakdowns occur due to lack of maintenance and regular inspections. With a Cool Comfort Service Plan, you’ll get that regular maintenance at a fraction of the price of a full breakdown repair or replacement.
  • Longer-lasting equipment – Replacing an air conditioner can be expensive – why do it any sooner than necessary? Routine maintenance helps your equipment running better for longer.
  • Discounted or covered repairs – Heating repairs and air conditioning repairs can be quite costly, so the discounts you get by choosing a Dixon Energy Cool Comfort Plan can come in handy when you really need them.
  • Continued warranty coverage – In most cases, skipping routine annual maintenance voids your warranty coverage – which means you’ll pay for any equipment repairs – even those normally covered by warranty – out of pocket.

Bonus Cool Comfort /benefit: Priority Service

Another benefit that Cool Comfort offers – and it’s a big one here in hot and sticky NJ – is that you get priority service compared to non-service agreement customers. By “skipping the line”, you’ll always be among the first customers to get your life back to normal in the event of an emergency or weather-related complications.

Take care of your air conditioner with a comprehensive Cool Comfort Service Plan from Dixon Energy. Contact us to learn more about the best value in cooling maintenance in New Jersey!

zone heating and cooling new jerseyMany of us experience uneven temperatures in our homes, whether it’s from level to level or room to room. Uneven heating and cooling can rob us of comfort and leave us devising clothing strategies to combat the unpredictable weather within our walls.

But clever clothing strategies aren’t really the best way to handle uneven temperatures in your New Jersey home. What you really want to do is get to the root of the problem – and to understand why you have it in the first place.

Causes Of Hot And Cold Spots

Uneven temperatures in your home are typically caused by three factors: poor airflow within your heating system or cooling system, insufficient insulation, or air leaks.

More specifically, causes of hot and cold spots include:

  • Poor airflow between the furnace or A/C and its vents
  • Incorrectly installed ductwork
  • A mis-sized HVAC system
  • Drafts between conditioned and unconditioned or outdoor spaces
  • A thermostat giving inaccurate readings (often due to placement)

As you might imagine, these problems aren’t always easy to diagnose without the right tools and training. An experienced HVAC contractor can help you identify the real cause of your heating and cooling issues and determine the best way to solve the problem.

Six Fixes For Uneven Heating And Cooling

If you’re experiencing uneven heating and cooling in your home, here are some possible solutions an expert might suggest, in order from the simplest to the most complex:

  1. Close vents in underused rooms – If you have a forced-air system, redirect conditioned air to rooms you use most.
  2. Check your air filter – In a forced-air system, a blocked air filter will make it difficult for your blower to force air through your ductwork; reduced airflow means that less warm air in winter and less cool air in summer reaches your living space. Try replacing your air filter before moving on to more substantial measures.
  3. Seal air leaks – Caulk leaky window and door frames, install door sweeps, and add weatherstripping to door jambs to reduce drafts.
  4. Take care of your ducts – As much as 15 percent of the air you paid to heat or cool could be lost via cracks in your ducts before it ever reaches your living space. If you notice steadily rising bills, consider investing in a professional ductwork inspection – since many leaks are located behind walls and in hard-to-reach spaces, it’s not a DIY job.
  5. Service your equipment – Uneven heating and cooling could be a sign of a larger problem with your HVAC system, so make sure to schedule routine maintenance for your heating and cooling system every year.
  6. Add a supplemental heat pump system – If you have a larger home with distinct problem areas, it might make sense to supplement your central heating and cooling system with a mini-split ductless heat pump. Mini-split heat pumps provide targeted high-efficiency comfort year-round without the need to connect to your central duct system. They’re easy to install, run quietly, and work great!

Experiencing uneven heating and cooling in your home? Dixon Energy’s expert HVAC technicians can help. Contact us today to learn more about cooling and heating system service in Morris, Somerset, Union, and southern Sussex counties, New Jersey!

home fuel payments new jerseyCutting bills and simplifying routines are two tasks at the top of most people’s priority lists these days. The good news is that FREE services from Dixon Energy can help you do both.

Take a few minutes to contact us and take advantage of these no-fee programs – you’ll save time and money and take at least a few to-dos off your growing monthly list.

  • Switch to Autopay – with AutoPay from Dixon– available for your propane or heating oil accounts – we’ll deduct your monthly bill from your bank via secure electronic funds transfer, or via credit card (MasterCard, Visa Debit or Discover card). You’ll never have to think about sending in a payment or paying a late fee again.
  • Sign up for paperless billing – With our paperless billing option, we will send your fueling statements by email; you’ll cut down on paper clutter and be able to file your billing information electronically (don’t worry, we keep your account information on record, so we can always retrieve it if you need it). You’ll also eliminate the worry of your statements getting stolen or lost in the mail.
  • Register with our Online Customer Portal – Order fuel, check your account balance, check the status of your fuel heating oil delivery, and more – all from the comfort of your laptop or smart phone. With our online customer portal, you’ll avoid late fees, save money on postage, and even save a tree or two.

Dixon Energy customers enrolled in these programs really enjoy the convenience and ease they experience with these convenient options. Want to join them and become a satisfied Dixon Energy customer? Contact us today to get started.

Save yourself some money and hassles – and a few trees – with convenient fuel bill services from Dixon Energy. Contact us today to learn more about heating and cooling service and heating oil deliveries in NJ!

efficient appliances new jerseyOn April 22 each year since 1970, people have celebrated Earth Day – a chance for people to come together and show their passion for creating a healthier, more sustainable planet.

The question is, how can we continue to live in the spirit of Earth Day on the other 364 days every year?

Choosing Energy-Efficient Appliances

While steps like recycling and bicycling to work will certainly lessen your environmental impact, few actions will shrink your carbon footprint more effectively than changing the way you heat and power your home and thoughtfully choosing your appliances.

By using propane rather than electricity to power your home heating system, for example, you can cut greenhouse gas emissions by as much as half (since nearly half of the electricity produced in NJ comes from natural gas or coal-fired plants). Propane gas-powered appliances are often more efficient than electric-powered models, too – a tankless propane water heater, for example, can reduce energy use by 50 percent compared to a similar unit powered by electricity, according to the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).

Of course, your furnace, boiler, and water heater are not the only energy-consuming appliances in your New Jersey home: by choosing high efficiency central air conditioner or ductless mini-split, you will take an even bigger bite out of your energy use – and your monthly bills as a result.

The bottom line: If you want to be more Earth–friendly, pay close attention to the way you heat, cool, and power your home every day. Choose high-efficiency appliances, maintain them regularly, and follow sensible energy savings practices like the ones you’ll find on this blog!

Looking to upgrade your heating or cooling system and save 30 percent or more on you monthly bills? We can help! Contact us today to learn more about heating and air conditioning installations in NJ!

central air service new jerseyYou might be tempted to pass over your annual A/C maintenance this spring – after all, your home cooling system was working just fine last year, right?

The problem with that kind of thinking is that it doesn’t take into account one of the most important things about your central air conditioner: the fact that it loses efficiency without proper care.

In fact, your air conditioner will lose an average of about five percent of its efficiency each year without proper maintenance –which means that when you invest in a service plan for your A/C, it will just about pay for itself in energy savings alone.

Added Routine Annual A/C Service Benefits

But there are more reasons than energy savings to choose annual cooling maintenance: if you get your A/C tune-up now you can also save you money by catching minor issues before they turn into costly cooling system repairs, and by keeping your equipment running more reliably once the hot, sticky weather arrives.

Maintaining your cooling equipment will also improve air quality in your New Jersey home: A properly serviced A/C keeps the air in your home clean and irritant-free, especially when combined with some of today’s amazing indoor air cleaning systems.

Choose A Cool Comfort A/C Service Plan To Save Money

An annual tune-up is a must-have for any home cooling system, but if you want to get the best value from your annual maintenance, choose a Cool Comfort A/C Service Plan from Dixon Energy.

Our Cool Comfort plan includes an annual tune-up and more, giving you a 15 percent discount on parts and labor, and 15 percent off diagnostic fees if you do need repairs. Bundle a Cool Comfort plan with our heating or water heating service plans and you’ll save another 10 percent!

Get your air conditioning ready for the sweltering summer. Our 14-point tune-up and inspection will ensure you are ready when the heat hits! Tune-up by June 30 to take advantage of our $99 Special (Reg. $149 – Freon and parts additional). Contact Dixon Energy today to learn more about air conditioning maintenance in NJ!

heating repair new jerseyIt’s a choice that most homeowners put off as long as possible, but one that all will have to deal with sooner or later: deciding whether to repair or replace their heating system.

Sometimes, your equipment makes the choice for you by failing completely – but more often than not, the timing isn’t so black and white.

Heating System Questions

If you’re on the repair/replace fence, here are five questions to ask yourself.

  • How old is your furnace or boiler? As your equipment ages, it becomes less sensible to repair it. If you’re having problems with equipment that’s more than 10 years old, replacing it is usually a smarter choice, since you’ll also get efficiency improvements. For equipment younger than that, the choice becomes a little murkier. Here’s a rule of thumb: if a repair costs 50 percent or more of the replacement cost, it’s generally worth the upgrade – especially with older equipment.
  • How well is your current equipment working? Are you noticing that your house is not as comfortable as it used to be – or that your bills are higher than usual even though the price of heating oil hasn’t changed very much? An old heating system could be operating at 60 percent efficiency or even less – which means that forty cents of every dollar you spend on fuel is doing something other than heating your house. Be on the lookout for strange odors and sounds coming from your equipment, too.
  • What is the maintenance history of your heating equipment? If you’ve maintained your furnace or boiler properly since you bought it, it will likely last longer and encounter fewer big problems over the years. However, while proper maintenance may help you delay replacing your system for a few years longer, no amount of maintenance will make your equipment more efficient than it was when you bought it – or more efficient than new gear.
  • Is my current equipment safe? A 10-year-old furnace or boiler is more likely than a four- or five-year-old model to develop problems that could endanger your family. For example, older heat exchangers can crack or rust, causing carbon monoxide leaks in your home (this is why annual heating tune-ups are so important, especially with older equipment).
  • Have my heating needs changed? If you’ve added space to your house without changing your heating system, the next breakdown you have could be caused by pushing your equipment to meet the demands of a new heating load – a problem that is likely to recur if you keep your old, undersized system in place.

Heating System Conversions And Installations Near You

If it’s time to replace your heating system – or you’re thinking about converting your heating equipment to to something more efficient and easier to maintain – we can help!

Dixon Energy experts can install and service a wide range of natural gas heating systems and electric heat pump systems, as well as systems powered by heating oil and propane. And because we offer everything, we can help you make a selection that works for you.

Looking to replace your heating equipment, or convert your system to a new fuel? We can help! Contact the heating pros at Dixon Energy today to learn more about expert heating system installations in New Jersey!

Explore These Two Options And Their Benefits

thermostat options new jerseyYou’ve probably heard that using a thermostat can be one of the better bang-for-the-buck ways to improve energy efficiency in your home. But what kind of thermostat should you buy, and is it worth the effort and money to switch the model you already have? Let’s take a look.

Thermostat Types

All thermostats do the same basic job: they monitor the air temperature in your home and control your heating or cooling system to make sure it stays at your desired setting. Basic thermostats allow manual adjustment of temperature; programmable thermostats take that functionality a step further by letting you set temperature changes on a timer.

Smart (Wi-Fi) thermostats take things to another level by learning from your behaviors and allowing you to control your home systems remotely. For example, you can “teach” a smart thermostat to shut when you leave the house and turn back on in time to make the house cozy by the time you to get home.

Some smart thermostats will even estimate how long it will take to make the change you’ve requested, so you can see how effective your climate control system really is, while others will allow you to see your energy consumption in real time, or adjust themselves based on ambient conditions such as humidity.

Programmable And Smart Thermostat Benefits

If you currently have a basic thermostat, upgrading from to a programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat is a smart move: by making it easy to match your indoor climate to your lifestyle, it could pay for itself in energy savings alone the first year you own it.

But saving money isn’t the only advantage that a programmable or smart thermostat provides. Consider these benefits:

  • Convenience – Once you program your thermostat, it will do all the work for you – you won’t need to remember to reset temperatures to realize energy efficiency improvements.
  • Comfort –Like to sleep cooler, or stay warm when you read the paper on Sunday morning? Both options will fit the bill.
  • Longer equipment life – Installing either type of thermostat can help reduce wear and tear on heating and cooling equipment, improving its function and efficiency while prolonging its life span.

As for choosing between programmable and smart thermostat options, that’s largely a matter of preference: if the convenience of controlling your heating and cooling system from a distance is important to you – for example, if you travel a lot or are using it for a second home – then a Wi-Fi thermostat is a no-brainer. If you spend most of your time at home and have a pretty set routine, a programmable thermostat is probably enough.

Whichever option you choose, a thermostat upgrade is a simple, convenient, and powerful way to manage the climate of your home and save money in the process. They’ll pay for themselves quickly and give you more control than ever over your heating and cooling equipment.

Take control your home heating and cooling bills with expert thermostat installations in NJ from the experts at Dixon Energy. Contact us today to learn more!

home air quality new jerseyWant to keep your family as healthy as possible in 2021? There’s a great new way to do it: install a REME HALO® whole home in-duct air purifier.

The award-winning REME HALO is your whole-house answer to COVID-19 – an indoor air quality (IAQ) device that can purify every cubic inch of space that your HVAC system reaches.

Recent studies confirm that the REME HALO® in‐duct Air Purifier kills 99.9 percent of the COVID-19 virus*, along with bacteria, mold, and other microbials, particulates, and gases.

Great For Allergy Sufferers

By recreating the air purification process used in nature, the REME HALO helps keep your indoor air fresh without you ever having to open your windows (great news during winter here in New Jersey).

Used every day with your home heating and cooling system, it will drastically reduce common allergy triggers in your home air, such as pollen, mold spores, dander and dust – along with airborne and surface bacteria & viruses, such as MRSA, e-coli, and Norwalk.

Air Scrubber: An alternative Solution For IAQ

Want another option for indoor air quality installation in NJ? Try the Air Scrubber by Aerus. Like the REME HALO, the Air Scrubber attaches directly to your HVAC system’s ductwork where it removes particles, pet dander, dust and other pollutants from your indoor air.

Learn more about the Air Scrubber, along with other IAQ equipment options, on our Indoor Air Quality page.

Want a great way to safeguard your family in 2021? Let our pros Install indoor air quality equipment in your home today. Our experienced IAQ technicians can help you determine what you need for your home, then expertly install, maintain and repair it. Contact us today to learn more about REME HALO installations in NJ!

*Source: RGF Environmental Group

fuel service new jerseyThe coronavirus has changed a lot about our everyday lives: many of us are working and studying at home while also putting off our normal winter getaway plans.

One consequence of those lifestyle shifts is that we’re spending more time than ever between our four walls – a change that can have a big impact on how much energy and fuel we use.

That’s why this year, more than ever, it’s critical to keep a close eye on your heating oil or propane tank gauge this winter, especially now that the polar vortex has arrived. On cold days, you might use as much as eight or nine gallons of heating oil – even more if temperatures reach into the single digits, or if you have an exceptionally large home.

It’s also important to give us more leeway as temperatures drop when it comes to requesting a propane or heating oil delivery. Normally, we require at least a three-day lead time on fuel deliveries, but it’s always better to give us more time than less. Please make every effort to request a fuel delivery when your oil tank is no less than one quarter full. Better yet, sign up for FREE automatic fuel delivery and let us manage your heating oil and propane deliveries for you – at no charge, and with no finance fees!

Changes At Home? Please Let Us Know!

If you already get automatic deliveries, please let us know if your lifestyle habits have changed in ways that might impact how much fuel you use so we can adjust your delivery schedule. Some changes that could affect the amount of fuel you use include:

  • Replacing your furnace or boiler with a larger unit
  • Children moving back from college, or a parent moving into your home
  • Adding a room to your house
  • A large-scale addition of insulation

Once we know about these changes, we can adjust your delivery estimate so you can get your fuel on time.

Avoid a fuel run-out this winter with automatic delivery and reliable heating oil and propane deliveries in NJ from the pros at Dixon Energy. Contact us today to learn more about heating oil delivery and propane delivery in New Jersey!

heating oil company new jerseyYou may have noticed that there has been a recent push to replace oil-fired heating systems with electric ones here in New Jersey. But is it the smart move?

The truth is, when it comes to keeping you warm through the long NJ winter, heating oil offers unique advantages that few energy sources – especially electricity – can match.

The Perks Of Heating Oil

Why stick with heating oil rather than making the switch to electricity? Consider these benefits:

  • It’s better for the environment – Advocates for electricity will point to the low emissions produced by electric appliances, but that doesn’t take into account how much environmental impact is caused by generating electricity: more than half the electricity generated in New Jersey is produced by burning natural gas, which is 95 percent methane – a greenhouse gas with 84 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide over a 20-year period. Add to that the inefficiency of transporting electricity (nearly two-thirds of electricity generated at most power plants is lost between the plant and the consumer, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration), heating oil owns the smaller carbon footprint.
  • It has a better safety record – According to a recent National Fireman’s Protection Association study, electric heating accounted for six times more fires, more than nine times more civilian deaths, nearly 12 times more civilian injuries, and nearly 15 times more direct property damage than heating systems powered by liquid fuel. This is in large part due to the fact that heating oil is not flammable in a liquid state: it requires very specific conditions in order to burn at all.
  • It produces more heat – When it comes to pumping out Btus, nothing beats oil heat. Heating oil can generate temperatures of up to 1,200°F when burned – more than any other fuel source, and much more than electricity. That means your home will heat faster and you’ll need to burn less fuel to stay comfortable.
  • Better overall efficiency – Although many of today’s electric-powered appliances boast high efficiencies, so do today’s oil-fired furnaces and boilers. The difference again comes down to oil’s higher Btu output: by producing so much heat, your equipment can run intermittently rather than constantly, ultimately providing more heating bang for your buck.
  • Longer-lasting equipment – With proper maintenance, today’s oil-fired heating furnaces and boilers can last 30 years or more – significantly longer (sometimes twice as long) as systems powered by electricity.

The bottom line: Don’t buy the hype: there’s a reason why oil heat has been the most reliable source of home heating in the northeastern U.S. for more than a century! To learn more, contact the heating pros at Dixon Energy today. And remember: for reliable heating oil delivery in NJ, nobody beats Dixon Energy!