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A/C Installation in Sussex County and Morris, Union and Somerset Counties, N.J.

Get professional air conditioning installation service from Dixon Energy!

mini splitWhen summer’s sticky heat and humidity bear down on us, escaping to the Jersey Shore isn’t always an option.

That’s why you need reliable air conditioning at your home, and why you should turn to Dixon Energy for your air conditioning installation.

Whether you’re installing air conditioning in your home or upgrading from your current system, Dixon Energy has the knowledge and experience to make sure you always have air conditioning, no matter how sweltering it is outside.

We offer expert installation of top-quality A/C systems from leading makers, such as Amana and Fujitsu.


Do I need to replace my central air conditioning?

If your central air conditioning system is between 12 and 15 years old, it’s reaching the end of its average life expectancy, so you need to start planning for an upgrade before you’re forced to act by a breakdown.

Regardless of your A/C system’s age, there are other signs that you need to upgrade to a new air conditioning system. Here are three of them:

  • Your energy costs go up when your air conditioning system is in use
  • Maintenance and repairs are no longer cost-efficient
  • Your A/C’s refrigerant is R-22, commonly known as Freon

The reason your A/C’s refrigerant is important is that R-22 is being phased out and replaced by R-104a. Because of reduced R-22 supplies, costs for the chemical have soared. Add regular maintenance and repairs on top of that, and keeping your existing A/C may be more expensive than it’s worth.

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A new air conditioning option: ductless mini-splits

No ductwork in your home? No problem! You can still enjoy the cool comfort of air conditioning with our installation of Fujitsu ductless mini-split air conditioning!
You finally have an alternative to the costly hassle of installing ductwork for central air conditioning. And quiet, efficient ductless mini-splits are a huge improvement over inefficient, unsightly window air conditioners that block light but let dust, bugs and pollen in.

Ductless mini-splits also let you zone your cooling for better energy efficiency.

Whether you are installing central air conditioning or ductless mini-splits, we offer financing through the National Energy Improvement Fund. And we also offer specials and rebates.

Whether you need central air conditioning or ductless mini-splits, Dixon Energy has the expertise to take care of your A/C installation. Contact us today to get started!