Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance Tips

Keep your ductless A/C running efficiently and reliably all summer.

Countless Dixon Energy customers rely on ductless air conditioning equipment to stay cool on the sweltering days of New Jersey summer. Ductless A/C keeps you cool by drawing warm air into an indoor air handler, transferring the heat to an outdoor unit via a refrigerant line, and expelling the heat outside. Then, cool air circulates back into your home.

These systems provide efficient zoned cooling, allowing you to keep individual rooms in your home cooled to different temperatures. For homes in Denville and elsewhere in New Jersey’s Morris, Union, Somerset, and southern Sussex Counties, the Dixon Energy team can provide guidance and regular maintenance service. You can also take these four simple steps to maintain your ductless A/C.

Check Your Air Filters

Each indoor air handler should have an air filter that catches dust, debris and other airborne pollutants. If your air filter is dirty or clogged, it can substantially lower that air handling unit’s efficiency. We recommend that you follow your manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining your filters. At a minimum, you should check them each month during the cooling season. If an air filter is dirty, either clean it or replace it, as directed by the instructions.

Keep Your Ductless Mini-Splits Clean

Both your indoor and outdoor ductless A/C equipment are vulnerable to airflow and maintenance issues. Your indoor air handlers can accumulate dust and debris, while your outdoor condenser may become clogged with trash, plant life, grass clippings and other blockages. Luckily, the upkeep here is fairly quick and straightforward.

Allow Enough Space Around Your Equipment

While ductless mini-splits are relatively compact, they only work to their fullest potential if you allow some space around the equipment.

Outside, trim back any foliage to create 18 to 30 inches of space around the ductless unit so it can “breathe.”

Inside, you should try to keep furniture, shelving, house plants and art at least four feet away from your air handlers.

Arrange a Ductless A/C Tune-Up with Dixon Energy

You don’t want to let your ductless mini-splits run for an entire year without bringing in a professional HVAC technician to inspect them and ensure that everything is running reliably and efficiently. Northern New Jersey households trust Dixon Energy to provide comprehensive ductless A/C tune-ups.

We will clean, calibrate and test your equipment to ensure you’re getting the most efficient cooling possible. This will lower your summer electricity consumption and extend the life of your ductless system. An annual tune-up also gives our techs an opportunity to check for and fix minor issues that could lead to a pricy repair job down the line. As you might imagine, the relatively minor cost of ductless A/C maintenance can pay for itself rather quickly.

Make sure your ductless mini-splits are running to their fullest potential. Reach out to Dixon Energy to request service.