Fill Up Your Heating Oil Tank for Winter!

Ensure your oil-fired furnace or boiler is ready for the frigid weather.

heating oil Somerset county, nj Did you fill up your heating oil tank before the summer? At Dixon Energy, we generally recommend that customers get an end-of-season heating oil delivery, which can prevent condensation in northern New Jersey’s sweltering summer months. Minimizing condensation reduces internal corrosion in your tank and extends its lifespan.

With your jack-o-lantern going into the compost, winter is almost here. If you left your tank mostly empty throughout summer and fall, we strongly recommend that you get it filled by our team right away. Here are some late-fall tips to make sure you’re ready to go when the mercury falls.

1. Check your oil tank gauge.

If you didn’t think about your heating oil all summer, you might not be aware if your tank is nearly empty. The worst way to welcome winter is with a heating system that won’t turn on because of insufficient fuel.

Your oil tank’s gauge is a clear glass or plastic vial on top of your tank with markings like your car’s gas gauge — F, ¾, ½ and ¼. A red marker or float rests in the vial, telling you how much heating oil is in there. When the float rests at the bottom of the vial (or you can’t see it), your tank is totally or nearly empty.

2. Schedule a heating oil delivery now.

We are already receiving fuel delivery requests from homes all over Morris, Union, Somerset and Sussex Counties. The frequency of these calls will only increase as the fall ends and the forecasts call for more freezing nights and inclement weather. Our appointments get filled quickly, and you might need to wait for a delivery. So, don’t delay — arrange your appointment as soon as possible if you’re almost out of fuel.

3. Give your heating oil tank a start-of-winter inspection.

While you’re thinking about your heating oil tank, we recommend giving it a quick inspection to ensure it’s ready for the winter. Oil tanks can last for 20 years or more. As they age, they can become corroded. If your tank fails unexpectedly, you could lose access to your home heat and hot water, and you might end up with a fuel spill that costs a lot to clean up.

Here are some warning signs that your oil tank may be nearing retirement:

If you suspect your tank is failing, contact the Dixon Energy team. We’ll inspect it and either repair it or, if necessary, replace it with a new, top-of-the-line double-walled tank.

Dixon Energy is here for you all winter.

Our team is always here if you need heating service, equipment repairs or a system upgrade. We also offer free automatic heating oil delivery to our customers. With this service, you never need to worry about running out again. We’ll track your usage and deliver fuel right when you need it.

Contact us if you need to schedule a fuel delivery or want to enroll in automatic delivery service.