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Honeywell Home Generators by Generac

Honeywell wisely has varying sizes of automatic generators—you’ll get the one best suited to your needs. These generators are among the quietest on the market, and they have additional desirable features like a specialty finish to prevent corrosion, and a 5-year warranty. Don’t wait any longer to install one.With a Honeywell Whole House Stand-By generator, you can be sure of uninterrupted comfort and peace of mind. We all know the dangers of severe storms and their aftermath. With a reliable, automatic generator like one of these, you can relax.

This is the reliable answer that ensures your necessities, conveniences, and amenities are always available to you, automatically, when the power goes out.

With a Honeywell Generator, you get:
  • Call us today to get a new Honeywell Generator installed. You don’t need to worry your way through every storm. You do need to be safe.Electricity to your entire home. You will not lose heat, air-conditioning, lighting, or electricity.
  • A generator powered by underground natural gas lines—not gasoline that can become hard to obtain in an outage. Your Honeywell generator can function for as long as required.
  • Immediate switch-over to electrical production for your home when sensors detect a utility company power failure.
  • A safe home that can become a refuge to friends and loved ones in the event of an outage.
  • Reduced insurance premiums! Your lives and property are protected, and your premiums will go down.

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