How Long Should a Heat Pump Run Per Day

Heat pumps work differently than furnaces, boilers and central A/C.

heat pumps Morris Plains, NJ Did we recently add a heat pump system to your home in Morris Plains or elsewhere in our service region of Morris, Union, Somerset, and southern Sussex Counties? If so, you might be wondering about the way it’s running. Heat pumps run differently than traditional HVAC equipment. The frequent cycling that could mean trouble with a furnace, boiler or central air conditioner might be totally normal with a heat pump.

At Dixon Energy, we’re committed not only to installing and maintaining your HVAC equipment but also to ensuring you have all the information you need to use it effectively. Here’s a comprehensive guide to how long your heat pump should run throughout the year.

How a Heat Pump Warms and Cools Your Home

Heat pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat between the inside and outside of your house. So, during colder parts of the year, they draw heat from the outdoor air and transfer it inside. In the summer, they function like an air conditioner, drawing heat out of your home and returning cool air.

How Long a Heat Pump Runs in Cold Weather

You might have noticed that a considerable difference between a furnace or boiler and a heat pump is that heat pumps don’t generate heat. They transfer heat that’s in the outdoor air.

As such, it’s normal for heat pumps to cycle continuously for most of the day when it’s cold outside. Their heating process is “slow and steady.” We advise customers who use these systems for heat not to attempt to scale back their heating at night, as they might with a thermostat-controlled furnace or boiler. You should set your preferred home temperature and leave it.

It’s also worth noting that many heat pumps struggle to heat homes consistently when outdoor temperatures are sub-freezing for extended periods. For this reason, we often encourage homeowners to hold onto their gas- or oil-powered heating equipment as a backup option. That way, you can be confident that you can always achieve the best comfort level for your family.

How Long a Heat Pump Runs in Warm Weather

Heat pumps are excellent air conditioning options for northern New Jersey. Their cooling process is similar to a traditional central A/C system. So, they should not be running all day. Additionally, you can feel free to scale back the use of the indoor air handlers for unoccupied rooms. You can also reduce A/C usage while you’re asleep or out of the house.

If your heat pump is cycling continuously all day this summer — especially if your home is not as comfortable as you’d like it — it would be best to contact us for heat pump maintenance.

Dixon Energy Knows Heat Pump Systems!

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