Give Your Heating Equipment a Late Summer Check-Up

Take Care of Your Annual Boiler or Furnace Service Now

summer hvac service new jerseyAugust brings a lot of essential to-dos for northern New Jersey households. With school starting next month, you might be buying new clothes and class supplies — or scheduling one last long family weekend at the Shore!

One to-do that might not but definitely should be on your list is setting up an annual tune-up for your boiler or furnace with Dixon Energy.

“Wait a second?” you might be saying. “It’s not even fall yet! I haven’t thought about my home’s heating in months.”

Your heating equipment is an investment in your family’s comfort and your home’s value. You can arrange maintenance now, with plenty of available appointments, and be confident that your heat is ready when temperatures drop.

Regular tune-ups = peace and mind and lower energy bill

Whether your home heating runs on propane, heating oil or natural gas, it stands to benefit significantly from annual maintenance.

Don’t wait! Late summer is ideal for a tune-up

In the summer, the HVAC team at Dixon Energy has plenty of open appointment times for tune-ups. We can’t encourage you enough to take advantage of this availability and schedule your service now.

Many people wait until the temperatures drop to schedule their tune-up. By then, there are fewer open slots, and we’re starting to get no-heat calls that need immediate attention. When you get your boiler or furnace serviced now, it won’t “wear off.” You’ll be ready well in advance of the winter.

And remember — if your equipment is covered by one of our service plans, your annual tune-up, efficiency inspection and preventive maintenance are already covered. All you have to do is schedule a time.

Contact Dixon Energy today to arrange service!