Save Big With A Heating Equipment Upgrade

New boiler or furnace savings — plus get up to a $700 rebate!

hvac rebates new jerseyWith energy prices so high and inflation rates draining cash from our pockets every day, most people want to save money at home wherever they can. At Dixon Energy, we understand this and want to help our northern New Jersey neighbors find ways to spend less without sacrificing comfort.

When it comes to home heating, some money-saving solutions are better than others. For example, converting a heating oil home to natural gas may not help you save money either in the short or long term. However, investing in efficient heating equipment is always a smart move!

And with rebates from Oilheat New Jersey, you can also save up to $700 on new heating equipment!

The issue with natural gas conversions

The technicians at Dixon Energy have extensive experience converting homes to natural gas. There are many good reasons to make the change. But saving money on fuel isn’t one of them.

For one thing, natural gas conversions aren’t cheap. In this area, they range from $6,000 to $13,000. And the move from heating oil to natural gas is not a guaranteed money-saver. Remember that all energy prices have surged in 2022. Natural gas prices have risen faster this year on a percentage basis than crude oil, gasoline or diesel!

This means there’s no telling how long it will take to recoup your conversion expenses, much less see monthly cost savings.

Invest in a high-efficiency boiler or furnace

While switching fuels is a risky bet, investing in efficiency is much safer.

The best way to beat high energy prices is to upgrade your system. If your furnace or boiler is over 15 years old, then it’s likely lost much of its fuel efficiency. By this point in a heating system’s lifespan, it might have efficiency in the 60 percent range. This means that 40 cents of every dollar you spend on heating oil goes right out of your chimney without heating your living space!

Now, consider that today’s high-efficiency boilers and furnaces have efficiencies in the 90s. You’ll see immediate savings on your fuel usage when you add 30-plus percent to your heating efficiency!

Act now and take advantage of great rebates

The Dixon technicians are incredibly experienced and skilled with heating equipment installations and can upgrade your system in as little as a day. You’ll experience improved comfort as the temperatures drop — plus save money on heating oil usage.

And we can even help you save cash on your installation with New Jersey rebates meant to encourage upgrades to more efficient heating equipment. Our team knows how to maximize your rebate eligibility. We will handle the filing for you during your purchase. You can save as much as $700!

Remember — these rebates are subject to change and funds available. So don’t delay!

Dixon Energy wants to help you upgrade your home comfort before the winter chill arrives. Contact us today for a free estimate.