How Long Will My Heating Oil Tank Last?

Your fuel tank has a long lifespan — but it won’t last a lifetime.

oil tank replacement Morristown, nj If you’ve recently moved to the Northeast or just purchased your first home, you might be arranging heating oil deliveries for the first time. If that’s the case, the large heating oil tank in your home could seem a bit intimidating. Is it the right size for your home? How often should it be replaced? How can you tell if it’s springing a leak?

At Dixon Energy, we are always happy to answer your questions about heating oil and the tanks that hold it for your household.

How long is a heating oil tank lifespan?

Heating oil tanks have a relatively long lifespan. You can expect an above-ground tank (like the one in your garage or basement) to last 25 years, sometimes more. Underground tanks have shorter lifespans, closer to 15 years.

How can you tell if my heating oil tank will fail?

The most common cause of heating oil tank failure is internal corrosion. Condensation will build up in these tanks, leading to rust and sediment buildup. Eventually, this can cause structural failures. While you can’t see internal corrosion with the naked eye, there are telltale signs on the outside of the tank, including:

You should also look out for dents on the tank body, unstable legs, broken gauges and splitting fuel lines.

The Dixon Energy team is happy to perform a no-fee tank inspection. Please don’t ignore these warning signs, though. We can help you replace a failing tank quickly, but if your tank fails and there’s an oil spill, the cleanup can be expensive.

What to consider when choosing a heating oil tank?

When it’s time to replace your old oil tank, we will help you choose the best size replacement tank for your home. It might be the same size as the model you’re replacing. However, it could be time for an upgrade, depending on:

With our help, you’ll have the perfect size tank to meet your heating and hot water needs while not having to arrange a heating oil delivery too often.

Top-of-the-line oil tanks in Morris, Somerset, Union and Sussex Counties.

We sell and install top-quality, double-walled heating oil tanks from leading manufacturer Roth. These tanks are light years more advanced than the tanks we replace. Roth has designed them to protect against leaks with double-wall construction. Their galvanized steel is lock-seamed with an oil- and fire-resistant seal.

You can also protect your heating oil tank with Proguard, which provides coverage against oil cleanup costs and tank replacement. Dixon Energy will give you three free years of Proguard tank protection if you’ve never had this coverage before.

Contact Dixon Energy right away if your home’s oil tank needs a professional inspection.