Heating Oil Delivery

Reliable Heating Oil Delivery Service in Morris, Somerset, Union and Southern Sussex Counties, N.J.

Count on Dixon Energy for your home’s heating oil!

When it comes to making sure that your home here in Morris, Somerset, Union or southern Sussex County has the heating oil it needs to keep you and your family warm, safe and comfortable, Dixon Energy is the best!

We provide heating oil delivery using the values that have kept us in business for more than 100 years: reliability, safety and courtesy.

And Dixon Energy is building on that proud history by delivering environmentally friendly biodiesel. It’s great for your oil heating system, because it burns more cleanly and leaves fewer deposits on your equipment, meaning your heating system may have fewer breakdown, need fewer repairs, and have a longer life.

heating oil delivery

Why choose automatic heating oil delivery?

Life is pretty busy today, between work, family and other activities. Dixon Energy makes it easier with our automatic delivery option.

No more having to head outside or down to the basement to check your heating oil tank gauge levels. No more having to call Dixon Energy to schedule a delivery. And no more worrying if you forget one (or both) of those things on your to-do list.

Dixon Energy will do the work for you! We’ll use your home’s size, heating oil usage history and the current weather to accurately schedule a heating oil delivery to your home before you run low. You not only get a few items removed from your list, you get peace of mind from knowing you’ll always have heating oil when you need it.

Why choose Dixon Energy for heating oil delivery?

Have you ever seen ads from or been solicited by heating oil “discounters”? If so, you know their schtick. They’ll dangle cheap prices for heating oil to get people hooked.

But look beyond the price and you’ll see a lot of reasons to stick with Dixon Energy.

These discounters could be making their profit by selling oil from the bottom of the barrel, which will be nowhere near as good for your home’s oil heating system as Dixon Energy’s. It may even leave behind sediment that can harm not only your system but your heating oil tank as well.

And when it comes to service, you get what you pay for: not much. Most of the time, there is no service. And if a discounter does offer service, it usually uses a subcontractor, so you have no idea if the people working on your heating system are insured or even qualified.

Trust Dixon Energy for reliable, safe heating oil delivery to your home. Become a customer today!