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If you’re like most of your neighbors in our service area—Morris, Somerset, Union and southern Sussex Counties—you probably don’t think about your heating oil tank too much.

It may be tucked in a part of the basement you rarely go in. Or it may be outdoors, aboveground or underground. Unless you’re going to check the tank gauge levels to see if you need a heating oil delivery (something you don’t have to worry about with Dixon Energy’s automatic delivery service), your heating oil tank likely doesn’t cross your mind that often.

Unfortunately, it can come to mind if it develops a leak.

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Heating oil tank installation from Dixon Energy

Heating oil tanks don’t last forever. And if they fail before you replace them, you could be dealing with a lot of mess, hassle and expense.

In New Jersey, if heating oil is spilled when your heating oil tank fails, you must report it to the state Department of Environmental Protection. And you’re not only responsible for paying for a new tank, you’re on the hook for the cleanup costs and the disposal of your failed tank.

There is a way you can prevent this. Closely check your aboveground heating oil tank regularly. Here are some things that indicate that your tank is close to failing. Get in touch with Dixon Energy if you see:
roth tank

  • Blistering of the paint on the underside of the tank
  • Condensation remaining on the outside of the tank after a heating oil delivery
  • Pinhole leaks

If your tank is 20 years old or older, it’s time to contact us so we can get to work on replacing it before it fails. Dixon Energy offers FREE heating oil tank inspections, and our experts can tell you whether you need a heating oil tank repair, or if you need to replace it.

We install top-quality, double-walled Roth tanks. They’re designed to protect against leaks, with an outer wall made of galvanized steel, lock-seamed with an oil- and fire-resistant seal.

We also give you peace of mind because when you purchase a new oil tank, we will give you 3 years of Proguard tank protection for FREE if you’ve never had Proguard before. Proguard provides coverage of costs associated with cleanup in the rare event of a leak or tank replacement.

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