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For more than 100 years, Dixon Energy has been providing reliable fuel services to homes and businesses in Rockaway and all around Morris County. We deliver a cleaner burning blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and biodiesels that is not only better for the environment, but better for your home’s heating system. Speaking of heating systems, we sell and install top-quality furnaces and boilers, as well as provide expert maintenance and repair services.

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All About Rockaway

The 2003 film “The Station Agent,” starring Peter Dinklage, had many scenes filmed in Rockaway, including the train tracks, Main Street, and the Old Mill Tavern.

Notable natives and residents of Rockaway include:

  • The four-star general Raymond T. Odierno, who served as the Army Chief of Staff as well as commanding the United States forces and the Multi-National Corps in Iraq
  • The four-star general Gustave F. Perna, who served as chief operating officer for the federal COVID-19 response team’s efforts for vaccines and therapeutics
  • Clifford Meth, a publisher, writer and editor who has used Rockaway as a setting for many of his stories

Folks in Rockaway love Dixon Energy!

“I was very unhappy with my oil company and left them after 15 years. A friend referred me to Dixon, and I have been so happy with the quality of service and reasonable pricing, which was not the case with my former company. Nothing but a great experience with these people.” – Paul M.

“Great customer service. Always deliver on time. I’ve used them for propane since 2012 and have been very happy.” – Jamie V.

“I have been a customer of Dixon Energy for over 20 years. The employees are always very professional and nice, from the office staff to the delivery drivers and furnace maintenance people.” – Tracy D.

Our heating-oil services

When it comes to reliable heating-oil delivery and courteous service, you can’t beat Dixon Energy! Become a customer today.