What Is Biodiesel

What Is Biodiesel?

Dixon Energy delivers environmentally friendly Biodiesel that’s good for homes in Morris, Somerset, Union and southern Sussex Counties, N.J.

If you use heating oil to keep your Morris, Somerset, Union or southern Sussex County home warm, safe and comfortable, the Biodiesel from Dixon Energy is something you definitely want.

What are the benefits of biodiesel in heating oil?

Heating oil with biodiesel, which you get with Dixon Energy, is great for your home.

New Jersey heating oil providers exclusively deliver ultra-low-sulfur heating oil (ULSHO). Because it has 99% less sulfur than traditional heating oil and 77% fewer emissions, ULSHO produces almost zero particulate emissions.

What is Biodiesel used for? When we add it to our ULSHO, your heating oil is even cleaner-burning. Since it leaves fewer deposits on the heat exchanger, there’s less wear on your heating system, which means you’ll likely have fewer breakdowns and smaller repair bills. And your heating system will likely last longer!

Because our heating oil with Biodiesel works in your heating system just like traditional heating oil, there’s no need to add equipment or to change your heating system.


What is Biodiesel made of?

Biodiesel is made with renewable resources like

  • Vegetable oils, such as soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, flax, palm and canola oils
  • Animal fats, like beef tallow and pork lard
  • Recycled restaurant cooking grease (so don’t feel guilty about those onion rings!)
  • Algae
  • Plants, including wild pennycress and hemp

By using Biodiesel from Dixon Energy, you’re using less heating oil to keep your home just as warm. And you’ll get all that comfort and warmth while reducing your home’s carbon footprint and protecting your oil heating system!

You’ll be proud to heat your home with Biodiesel heating oil from Dixon Energy. Contact us to learn more and become a customer. And don’t forget to ask about our automatic heating oil delivery!