Boiler Installation, Maintenance and Repair in Morris, Somerset, Union and Southern Sussex Counties, N.J.

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boilersDoes your home in Morris, Sussex, Union or Somerset County use a boiler for heat? If it does, you know all of the benefits of using one to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Heat from a boiler is infused into a room through radiant heating. It is more even and lasts longer than forced-air heat. It also isn’t dry like forced-air heat, which can cause dry skin, chapped lips, and damaged woodwork, wood floors and furniture.

Because heat from a boiler is sent around your home through pipes instead of ductwork, you don’t have to worry about duct leaks causing you to lose heat. Boiler heat also doesn’t send dust, pet dander or other allergens around the house.

When should I upgrade my boiler?

The answer to this question is: before you have to.

boiler energy kinetics

The average life expectancy for a home boiler is about 15 years. However, there are other factors that can affect when you should replace your boiler. If any of the below signs are happening, it’s time to give Dixon Energy a call:

  • There’s an unexplainable rise in your energy bills
  • Your boiler is breaking down more often and the repairs are getting more expensive
  • The boiler is leaking
  • You have an oil-fired boiler and there is black soot on it, a sign that oil isn’t burning as it should and is creating carbon monoxide, a gas that is potentially lethal
  • The boiler isn’t heating your home evenly, and some rooms aren’t as warm as others

Dixon Energy installs quality, energy-efficient boilers from top manufacturers, including Peerless and Energy Kinetics. We can install both gas and oil-fired boilers. Our technicians will show up when we say they will, get the job done right, and clean up afterward.

We also install smart thermostats for even more energy efficiency.

Expert boiler maintenance and repairs

Whether your boiler is new or old, proper maintenance by the professional service technicians at Dixon Energy will help maximize its life expectancy and energy efficiency, while preventing small problems from becoming breakdowns that require more expensive repairs.

But if you ever do need a boiler repair, we’re on the job. Our service trucks are fully stocked, and our technicians have the training and experience to get your boiler up and running again.

Dixon Energy’s service plans make maintaining and repairing your home’s boiler easier and more affordable.

We can help you secure affordable financing with the National Energy Improvement Fund, and also will help you find specials and rebates.

Contact us to learn more about our boiler services!