Generator installation in Morris, Somerset, Union and Southern Sussex Counties, N.J.

Dixon Energy helps protect your home and family when the power’s out

whole house generatorPower outages can happen at any time. Winter weather with ice and snow, hurricanes and thunderstorms in the summer, regional blackouts, car crashes knocking down power lines—they can all leave our homes in the dark for hours, days, or even weeks.

That’s why so many of your neighbors in Morris, Somerset, Union and southern Sussex Counties are having Dixon Energy install Honeywell home standby generators by Generac to keep their homes safe, secure and comfortable when the power goes out.

What are whole-house generators?

The Honeywell whole-house backup generators we install are much better than the small gasoline-powered portable generators you get at your local home improvement store.
These are permanently installed at your home and run on propane (which Dixon Energy delivers!) or natural gas. Because your Honeywell whole-house generator is connected to your home’s wiring, it will start automatically, seconds after the power goes out.

There’s no need to head outdoors to start the little generator. No worries that the gasoline has degraded. No fears over carbon monoxide emissions, the way there are with gasoline generators. Instead, you stay inside, in safety and comfort.

propane generatorThe equipment experts at Dixon Energy will work with you, factoring in your home’s size as well as your family’s needs, to determine which size of generator is right for your home.

We understand that everyone’s requirements for a generator are different. Some people only want power for the lights, the refrigerator and the sump pump. Others want to make sure that the Wi-Fi and electronics can run so they can work from home. Someone in the home may rely on electric-powered medical equipment such as electric wheelchairs or ventilators.

Dixon Energy can also assist with financing for your Honeywell whole-house generator.

Our trained, skilled and experienced technicians will not only install your generator, but they will also provide generator maintenance and generator repair.
You may even lower your home insurance bills by installing a whole-house generator!

Don’t be stuck in the dark! Contact Dixon Energy to get started on installing a Honeywell whole-house backup generator.