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Natural Gas Equipment in Morris, Somerset, Union and Southern Sussex Counties

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Whether your home in Morris, Somerset, Union or southern Sussex County has a natural gas connection or you are converting your home to use natural gas, Dixon Energy has the knowledge and experience to take care of you.

Are you thinking about converting to natural gas?

If you are, you have a lot to think about if you’re converting your home from oil heat.

The first thing is the price, because natural gas conversion can get very expensive. The average cost of converting a home in New Jersey from heating oil to natural gas ranges between $6,000 and $13,000, and may go even higher.

natural gas conversion

The price makes sense if you think about the work involved. You have replace equipment and appliances such as furnaces, boilers, water heaters, stoves and more. Pipes need to be replaced or installed. The chimney needs to be relined for gas. Your old oil-fired furnace or boiler needs to be safely and professionally removed, as does the heating oil tank.

There’s something else to consider. You’ll want the prompt, dependable and courteous service you get with Dixon Energy. We’re locally owned and operated, and treat our customers like the neighbors you are. Go with another company and you could be stuck with a large, impersonal, far-away utility where all you are is an account number.
If you’re a Dixon Energy customer and are moving to a new home with a natural gas connection, or if you’ve decided to convert your current home to natural gas, we’re here to help!

Dixon Energy installs, maintains and repairs gas boilers, furnaces and water heaters by Kinetic Energy.

And that’s not all we do. We’ll help you find and secure specials, rebates and financing for your new heating equipment. We work with the National Energy Improvement Fund to help you get great financing.

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