Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats for Your Home in Morris, Somerset, Union or Southern Sussex Count, N.J.

Make your home heating and cooling even more energy efficient!

Technology has brought about such a difference in our lives. We can use our smartphones to keep in touch from just about everywhere, and we do everything on them, from ordering dinner to sharing the latest viral meme to booking a vacation.

That technology has also made it easier to get control of your home’s heating and cooling costs, thanks to smart thermostats by RedLINK smart thermostats from Honeywell, installed by Dixon Energy.

Just a few decades ago, programmable thermostats were a dramatic leap forward in the marriage of technology and your home’s heating and cooling systems. No more worrying if you forgot to turn the dial on the thermostat before you left for work in the morning, and no more waiting for a while after you got home for your home to warm up or cool down.

smart thermostat

What is a smart thermostat?

Smart thermostats take the benefits of programmable thermostats to a whole new level. Because now you can customize your thermostat programming even more, you can monitor your home’s heating and cooling systems from an app on your smartphone or tablet!

If you’re driving somewhere for vacation and realize several hours in that you forgot to adjust the thermostat, all you have to do is pull over, go on the app, make the adjustment and stop worrying!

That’s miles ahead of a programmable thermostat, and when you look at a smart thermostat versus a regular thermostat, it’s no contest.

But that’s not all! With RedLINK smart thermostats, you can also monitor the air quality in your home and adjust the temperature when utility prices are higher to give yourself lower energy costs. If something is wrong with your heating and cooling equipment, the thermostat will send you an alert, and it will send reminders to change your air filter or schedule a tune-up with Dixon Energy.

Dixon helps you enjoy the benefits of a smart thermostat with expert installation and service.

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