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Budget and Price plans

Our Budget Payment Plan

Avoid the difficulty of big heating bills in the winter. Get even, consistent, predictable payments each month by enrolling in our Budget Payment Plan.

How It Works

Based on your previous usage, we will help you figure out approximately how much heating oil you will need for the upcoming year. We break the payments for those gallons into 11 equal payments. Enroll in a budget plan, and start saving immediately because you receive a Budget Plan Discount of $.03/gallon.

Budget Plans usually start in June and run until the following May. If you start later than June, you monthly payments will be higher because the program always ends in May, so you would be spreading your payments over fewer months. In addition,  you can add in a Service Contract, too, and pay for it across the year.

How To Save More: Save $.10/Gallon!

Autopay your Budget Plan on your MasterCard or Visa and save an additional $.07 per gallon! Call or login to your account for details.