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Heating Fuels

Heating Oil

Dixon Energy delivers safe, reliable, high quality heating oil to homes and businesses in Morris and Sussex counties in New Jersey.

Why is heating oil the fuel of choice?

  • It’s unsurpassed in safety and efficiency. It is not explosive and modern oil heat systems perform at 85-95% efficiency or higher. This means that for every dollar you spend on heating oil 85-95 cents worth of heat and hot water is delivered to your home. Oilheat is the efficiency leader.
  • It’s an incomparable value and a more comfortable heat when compared with any other heating or hot-water energy source.  An oil heat flame burns 300 degrees hotter than natural gas, heating your home and water faster than any other heating source ever could.
  • You need to burn 40% more natural gas to get the same amount of heat as you get from heating oil.
  • It’s environmentally sound—Today, oil heat burns 95 percent cleaner than it did in 1970

And Now We Deliver Bioheat®—the Evolution of Oil Heat.

Bioheat® comes from our usual reliable supply of heating oil blended with biodiesel, which is made from agricultural byproducts, co-products and recycled cooking oil right here in the USA.

Bioheat® blends usually range between 2% and 5%. Pure Biodiesel is called B100. A Bioheat® blend with 2% Biodiesel is referred to as B2, a blend with 5% Biodiesel as B5 and so on up to B100 – pure Biodiesel.

With Dixon, you always get the reliable service you have come to count on and love. We maintain a large fleet of oil trucks so that we can deliver to you promptly in all conditions. We started in business for more than 125 years ago—you can rely on us to meet your heating fuel needs for many more years to come.


If you use Propane for heating, fireplaces, cooking, hot water, patio heaters, fire pits, or for your swimming pool, Dixon Energy offers first-rate delivery service and equipment installation for all your propane needs. We provide reliable Automatic Delivery. There’s also our convenient Budget Payment Plan that allows you to spread out your payments over time.

Other Fuels

Diesel and Kerosene

Diesel and kerosene are available for pick up at two convenient locations:

100 Pocono Rd., Mountain Lakes, NJ

99 Cobb St. Rockaway Township, NJ


We Now Offer BioDiesel for diesel-powered vehicles!

What is Biodiesel? Biodiesel is a renewable energy resource made domestically from fatty acids found in soy and other vegetable oils, recycled restaurant oils, and other natural sources. Biodiesel is manufactured in approximately 150 production plants capable of producing 2.5 billion gallons of biodiesel each year—all here in America.

Read about the benefits of clean, green biodiesel from the National Biodiesel Board.

Dixon Energy is excited to now offer biodiesel at our Rockaway, New Jersey location at 99 Cobb Street. The Rockaway Pump is open from 6am – 11pm.

  • Commercial fleets are welcome, as well as local municipalities and individuals filling private vehicles.
  • Choose from three different blends of conventional diesel blended with domestically produced, renewable soybean oil – B2 (2% soybean oil/98% diesel), B5 (5% soybean oil/95% diesel) and B20 (20% soybean oil/80% diesel).

We are proud we were the first biodiesel retail fueling station in Morris County– helping New Jersey reduce its carbon footprint and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Biodiesel produces less pollution and improves the longevity of diesel engines because of improved lubrication, and it can be used in existing diesel engines without the need for modifications.

Join us in making Morris County a greener place to live – stop by and see us today!