Warning Signs of Air Conditioner Failure

Dixon’s Team Can Service Your A/C or Help You Finance an Upgrade

home cooling service new jerseyNow that the weather’s warming up in New Jersey, you might be making big plans for the summer ahead: trips to the shore, weekend cookouts, or maybe a tropical vacation.

One thing that can throw a huge wrench in your plans is an unexpected HVAC repair. If your air conditioning breaks down in the middle of a sweltering summer, you could end up shouldering some expensive, inconvenient service.

The friendly, experienced technicians at Dixon Energy can assess your cooling system’s health and tell you if it needs a repair — or if it’s on its last legs. If you need a new A/C, we can help you secure financing.

Here are five warning signs that you should call our service team.

Your A/C Cycles Frequently

Does your cooling system turn on and off multiple times throughout the day? This could be an indication that your A/C is not the right size for your home or that you have a thermostat issue.

You’re Noticing Weird Sounds, Smells or Fluid Leaks

Healthy A/C equipment should not grind, clank or squeal. If yours does, it might have a worn or loose part. You should also remain alert for burnt or sour smells. These can indicate electrical or mold issues.

If you notice fluid near your A/C, that could indicate a refrigerant leak or excess condensation. These are potentially serious problems that need immediate attention.

You’re Getting Warm or Inconsistent Airflow

Warm air might signal that your A/C is low on refrigerant or has a malfunctioning compressor. Inadequate or inconsistent airflow might also mean compressor problems — or it could be a ductwork issue. A Dixon Energy service technician can diagnose the specific problem.

Your Cooling Equipment Is Old

Central air conditioner systems have a lifespan of 12-15 years, but any system over a decade old will have significantly reduced efficiency. It will cost more to cool your home, and you might want to consider replacing it with a more efficient model. Modern A/C systems are efficiency-rated 13-SEER and higher.

Also, if your system uses R-22 refrigerant (also called Freon), it’s not a matter of if you should replace it — it’s a matter of when. R-22 is harmful to the environment and has been phased out. So, it’s becoming more expensive to maintain and repair equipment that uses it.

Your A/C Needs Lots of Repairs

If you need to bring in a technician every season to repair your A/C, it could be time to replace it. A new system will use less energy, and you can stop paying for constant service.

Here’s a rule of thumb — if the needed repairs cost more than half the replacement cost, you should replace your air conditioner.

If you need to replace your cooling system, the technicians at Dixon Energy can help you find a replacement that fits your home and budget. Plus, we can help you finance it. Dixon Energy partners with National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) to secure low-rate loans for our customers.

Dixon Energy is the most trusted provider of HVAC services in Morris, Union, Somerset, and Sussex Counties. Please get in touch with us if you think your cooling system needs service. We’re ready to help!