How Long Does Propane Last in the Winter?

Don’t risk a propane tank runout during colder months

propane service Union county, nj After a couple of false starts, it’s starting to feel like winter in northern New Jersey. While winter doesn’t technically start until December, your home’s heating system doesn’t know that. Surely, your boiler or furnace has turned on a few times on our frigid nights this month.

That means that you’re probably starting to use propane more quickly. Between whole-home heating systems, space heaters and gas logs, you might be burning through fuel at a fast rate. Even your propane water heater is likely working hard to warm up the cold water it’s taking in.

At Dixon Energy, we strongly encourage you to schedule your first heating season propane delivery if you haven’t done so already. Leaving your propane tank at 30 percent or lower could lead to an unexpected runout as temperatures dip. That’s bad news.

Dixon Energy can also help you plan how quickly you’ll use your propane this season.

Planning Winter Propane Usage

When determining how often you’ll need a propane delivery, it’s important to consider these factors:

Different propane equipment uses different amounts of fuel. The average propane furnace in the U.S. burns through about 1,000 gallons of propane each year. Water heaters may use 250 gallons.

The folks at Propane101 looked at the typical fuel consumption of propane equipment in winter. They found that — depending on how often you use your systems and appliances — you could consume anywhere from 184.8 to 277.2 gallons per week during colder months.

Propane Tank Sizing

A major part of ensuring the most convenient fuel delivery schedule is having the right propane tank size for your home. Dixon Energy’s team can help you identify the ideal tank to accommodate your gas-fired equipment.

The Shelf Life of Propane

One thing you don’t have to worry about is your propane “going bad” from lack of use. Propane gas has a virtually unlimited shelf life. If you rely on it for essential equipment like heating, hot water systems or standby power generators, it will always be ready when you need it!

Enroll in Dixon Energy’s automatic delivery schedule.

As a Dixon Energy customer, you can put the hard work of planning your propane deliveries on our shoulders. With automatic delivery, we use your customer profile and weather forecasts to calculate when you’ll need more fuel. You never need to check a tank gauge or contact us for delivery. And automatic delivery has no additional cost!

Families in Boonton, Randolph, Morris Plains and other New Jersey cities and towns trust Dixon Energy for their propane. Contact us to join our family of customers.