How To Detect a Propane Leak

Propane safety tips to safeguard your home and family.

propane Morris Plains, NJ When we talk to customers interested in adding propane products to their homes, they often ask us about safety.

We understand the concern. Propane is a flammable gas, after all, and it’s important to know that your family and property will be safe, even if there’s a fuel leak. At Dixon Energy, we can help you use propane for a range of crucial needs — from heating and hot water to cooking, laundry drying and outdoor living — in the safest way possible.

Firstly, you should be aware that propane has an excellent safety record. The industry is highly regulated at federal, state and local levels, and propane companies like ours have high standards of safety. All our technicians are trained, licensed and have extensive experience installing and servicing propane equipment.

Additionally, propane itself is non-toxic. Even in the case of a leak, it won’t negatively impact soil, groundwater, aquatic life, marine life or plant life. However, it’s still important to know how to detect a propane leak and properly respond.

The Smell of Propane

In its natural form, propane does not have a smell. But propane producers add an odorant called ethyl mercaptan or methanethiol. This gives the fuel an odor like old meat, spoiled eggs or skunk’s spray. Odorized propane is easier to recognize.

Propane Detectors

We recommend that customers install UL-listed gas detectors near all propane appliances. These devices will alert you to a gas leak, even if your sense of smell is impaired. Bear in mind that carbon monoxide detectors, while essential safety devices, will not detect a propane leak.

Recognizing Propane Exposure

Propane vapor is an asphyxiation risk, so it’s vital to know the symptoms of gas exposure. According to the Propane Education & Research Council, light exposure can result in:

Significant propane exposure can cause:

Responding to a Propane Leak

If you suspect a propane leak in your home or anywhere else, please follow these steps:

For more information on responding to a propane leak, you can check out our propane safety page.

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