How To Finance Your Home Comfort Equipment

Keep costs down when replacing HVAC systems.

hvac equipment morris county, nj Did you know that spring is the ideal time to replace struggling heating and cooling equipment? Once temperatures are milder in New Jersey’s Morris, Union, Somerset, and southern Sussex counties, you won’t need to rely on your furnace or boiler as much. And it won’t be so hot that you have to depend on air conditioning yet. That’s a perfect balance where you can upgrade your HVAC equipment without risking your family’s comfort.

At Dixon Energy, we handle more heating and cooling equipment installations than just about any company in northern New Jersey. We understand that investing in new HVAC systems is a significant expense. But we can help you reduce upfront costs and offer fantastic financing options!

How long does HVAC equipment last?

That depends on the type of heating or cooling equipment you’re thinking about replacing. Here is a general idea of how long various HVAC systems last before needing to be replaced:

What are the benefits of new HVAC equipment?

If your heating or cooling equipment is approaching 15 years of use, you are missing out on technologies that will keep your home more comfortable, more efficiently.

This is a significant benefit not only for your family’s comfort but also for your bottom line. The average home’s heating and cooling accounts for 43 percent of its energy use. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, upgrading your equipment, combined with “appropriate insulation, air sealing, and thermostat settings,” can reduce your home energy use by up to 50 percent!

Let Dixon Energy help you with rebates, financing and other incentives.

While these energy savings are no doubt appealing to you, purchasing and installing new heating and cooling equipment can be an expensive proposition. But Dixon Energy can help!

We offer competitive loan rates through the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF), allowing you to finance your home comfort equipment upgrade over three, five or 10 years.

We might also be able to help you qualify for rebates through Oilheat New Jersey or through our manufacturer Energy Kinetics. These rebates can save you hundreds of dollars on your installation.

Finally, as part of the Inflation Reduction Act, you can also receive a generous federal tax credit for installing energy-efficient furnaces, boilers, central A/C systems, heat pumps and other home comfort equipment in 2023!

You can count on the Dixon team to help you find the right equipment, install it promptly and be there for years to come to ensure it operates efficiently.

If your heating or A/C systems have been struggling, don’t wait for a total breakdown to contact us. Request a service appointment today.