Bioheat® Fuel: An Environmentally Friendly Fuel

Everything you want to know about today’s heating oil

bioheat new jerseyMany people are discussing how we can help fight climate change. This includes public officials, industry leaders, activists, and everyday families right here in northern New Jersey. Dixon Energy customers want to know that the way they heat their homes will make a positive difference for the planet.

Here at Dixon Energy, we care about providing clean and sustainable energy to our customers, and we’re doing so in a way that protects the environment for future generations. To that end, we deliver Bioheat fuel to all our heating oil customers.

Here’s some information on Bioheat fuel and how it reduces greenhouse gas emissions in New Jersey and other states!

What is Bioheat fuel?

You can feel great about how you heat your home and water if you receive your heating oil delivery from Dixon Energy. The heating oil we deliver is light years ahead of your grandparents’ old product. You won’t see (or smell) any soot or smoke. All you’ll experience is maximum comfort and minimal carbon intensity.

Bioheat fuel is a combination of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and sustainable biofuel. The ingredients for the latter include animal fats, inedible corn oil, soybean oil, tallow, used cooking oils and algae. Biofuel is a gallon-for-gallon replacement for petroleum.

Bioheat fuel is affordable, sustainable and in use today!

Bioheat fuel’s combination of biofuel and ultra-low sulfur diesel produces a range of tangible benefits, including:

Bioheat fuel can be burned in any oil-fired heating equipment without modification. It also produces more Btus of heat energy than any other alternative fuel.

If we zoom back and look at the larger environmental impact of biofuel, we see even more benefits. Clean Fuel Alliance America recently commissioned a study to identify biofuel’s widespread health and economic benefits. The study looked at 13 sites and communities across the country with high air pollution rates because of petroleum diesel emissions.

The research showed that shifting from petroleum to 100 percent biofuel in these areas would result in:

Bioheat fuel is essential for decarbonization and has many advantages over other net-zero carbon options. It’s available now, affordable and proven to provide superior comfort while still reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We’re proud to offer this product to our valued customers.

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