How To Maintain Your Boiler or Furnace

heating repair new jerseyNone of us here at Dixon Energy are mind readers. Nevertheless, we can say with a fair amount of confidence that you’re going to want your boilers and furnaces to work as best they can for the New Jersey winter that we have ahead of us.

Heating System Care Tips

Making sure your boilers or furnaces are working as best they can requires a certain level of maintenance. How exactly do you maintain your boiler or furnace? Here are five easy-to-follow tips.

1. Keep tabs on your air filters.

A clogged air filter doesn’t do your heating system any good. In fact, if there is a big clog, the system will stop working entirely. Make sure you change the air filters every month to avoid this.

2. Make sure you don’t blow a fuse.

Using too much electricity at once can cause a circuit to break, which will have an affect on your heating system. Be careful that you don’t blow any fuses.

3. Check your water levels.

The water level in a steam boiler should be half full at all times. If your gauge is less than half full it’s time for a refill.

4. Check your fuel levels.

Running out of fuel for your boiler or furnace is going to put you in a tough spot so keep an eye on your heating system’s tank. Don’t feel like worrying about this? Sign up for Dixon’s automatic delivery service. We’ll never let you run out or get too low.

5. Schedule a tune-up.

If you truly want to make sure your boilers and furnaces are running as they should, you should schedule routine maintenance and regular tune-ups. This will help you avoid any major problems and will help you save on heating costs. In fact, you can save up to 10% on heating bills with a heating system that is running at peak efficiency.

Properly maintaining your boiler and furnace will help them last longer and work effectively. You will also need to conduct fewer repairs on a system that is properly maintained.

Dixon Energy is here for annual heating maintenance, heating repairs, and heating tune-ups. We also offer service plans for all needs and budgets. Contact us today to find out more!