Maintaining Your Standby Generator

Ensure that your propane or natural gas generator is ready when the power goes out!

generators Morris County, NJ Let’s be candid — when it’s icy cold or sweltering hot in northern New Jersey, our grid electricity is not always reliable. And that’s not even accounting for the heavy rainstorms that can knock out power in our region.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has found that, as recently as 2022, the average U.S. home endures 5.5 hours without power each year!

Think of all the food you can lose in your refrigerator and freezer during a blackout. Imagine how uncomfortable your home could get in February or July. And if you rely on an electric wheelchair, stair lift or at-home medical equipment, we don’t need to tell you how essential continuous power is.

It’s little wonder that so many Dixon Energy customers are investing in backup power options like the Honeywell standby generators we sell, install and service. Our team is available to ensure your generator is in good condition and ready to switch on when you need it most.

What Kind of Generator Do You Have?

There are several different kinds of generators, and it’s crucial to know what type you have so you can maintain it properly.

Portable generators run on gasoline or diesel or from a portable propane cylinder. These products must be turned on and off manually, and you’ll have to run cords inside to power specific items. (It’s always unsafe to run a generator indoors.)

Your owner’s manual will give you specific care instructions for a portable generator, but some general guidelines are:

By contrast, standby generators are powered by natural gas or from your home’s propane tank. They can power your entire home or select rooms, outlets, lights and appliances. Crucially, standby generators come on automatically when your home loses power.

Taking Care of Your Standby Generator

You can handle much of the upkeep for your standby generator yourself. Here are some general maintenance tips for your natural gas or propane generator:

A good rule of thumb when it comes to professional generator maintenance is to arrange a tune-up every 12 to 24 months or after every 200 hours of use, whichever comes first.

Dixon Energy is your one-stop-shop for standby generator service.

If you need generator maintenance in Morris County or elsewhere in the Dixon Energy service region, our team can provide comprehensive service to keep your equipment running reliably. And if you have a propane standby generator, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our free automatic propane delivery schedule. You’ll never run out of fuel for your generator and other essential equipment.

Dixon Energy customers enjoy unparalleled service and care. Join our family of customers today.