How Can I Manage Higher Fuel Prices?

Make These Volatile Times Easier

fuel payment help new jerseyWe entered 2022 hoping that some of the economic pressures everyone was facing — supply chain snarls, rising inflation — would begin to taper off. Unfortunately, inflation has only gotten worse, and the conflict in Ukraine has sent energy prices even higher. The situation isn’t helped by Wall Street speculation and investor panic.

Local fuel companies like ours can’t control world energy prices — though we certainly wish we could.
Even so, the team at Dixon Energy is always looking for ways to make things a little easier for our Northern New Jersey neighbors. Here are pricing and payment programs to help you manage your heating oil and propane expenses.

Cut Your Winter Bills in Half with E-Z Pay

We strongly recommend that every customer take advantage of E-Z Pay.

Enrolling in this monthly budget plan can significantly lower your winter payments and add predictability to your home fuel budget. Instead of getting hit with several large fuel bills in the fall and winter, you can spread out your annual fuel expenses over as many as 12 months. The sooner you sign up, the lower your monthly payments will be.

Even better — you’ll get an automatic discount of 3¢ per gallon!

Cap Your Fuel Rates for the Coming Season

You may want to consider a price cap as well. Dixon Energy customers saved a lot of money when they protected their price last year before energy rates rose. A price cap protects you against future increases while still allowing your price to fall if the market goes lower.

Both are possibilities this year. Adding a price cap to our E-Z Pay plan gives you the most predictability possible. Bear in mind, however, that this year’s cap will be higher than last year’s to reflect higher fuel prices.

Make Paying Bills a Breeze

Take some of the stress out of paying monthly bills by enrolling in Autopay. You can forgo the check and stamp and have your payments deducted automatically via credit card. You can also request paperless billing via email, reducing paper clutter and recording your receipts electronically.

Contact us today to enroll in any of these programs or to discuss ways to reduce your energy usage and save money!