Need a Reliable Diesel Supplier?

Dixon Energy provides commercial customers with on-road and off-road diesel.

diesel fueling Somerset county, nj Whether you manage a fleet of shuttle buses, a construction operation, a paving company or another commercial venture in northern New Jersey, there’s a good chance that you depend on a steady supply of diesel fuel.

Unlike many other fuels, diesel is in demand 12 months out of the year. Vehicle fleets, industrial operations and a range of different businesses always need it. It doesn’t have an “off-season.” And if you don’t have a dependable diesel supplier, getting the on-road and off-road diesel you need can become a full-time job.

Luckily, Dixon Energy has a reliable commercial fuels team that keeps trucks moving and equipment running without interruption in Morris, Somerset, Union and southern Sussex Counties.

Dixon Energy offers multiple diesel fueling options.

For over 100 years, our team has dependably delivered fuel to homes and businesses in northern New Jersey. We supply diesel to construction companies, landscapers, paving operations, moving and delivery companies and municipalities that need to fuel buses.

We provide off-road diesel for generators, excavators, backhoes, forklifts and other large equipment.

We can deliver fuel directly to your business, which means you can stop lining up your vehicles each morning at a service station (losing valuable work hours in the process). We also have a commercial diesel fuel pump at our office, conveniently located at 99 Cobb Street in Rockaway. If your vehicles need a last-minute top-off, they can come by.

And you’ll benefit from having a single diesel supplier instead of needing to collect receipts from drivers and spending hours reconciling and reimbursing them.

We have high-quality on-road and off-road diesel fuel.

There is essentially no physical difference between on-road and off-road diesel. They are distinct only in their uses and how they are taxed.

Off-road diesel is dyed red and — as the name suggests — cannot be used in a road vehicle. This means it isn’t subject to many taxes that can significantly inflate the price of road diesel. Off-road diesel is typically not available at a standard gas pump.

Dixon Energy carries and delivers both on-road and off-road diesel.

Our diesel is ultra-low sulfur and complies with Environmental Protection Agency regulations. This low sulfur content is excellent for the environment, and reducing sulfur deposits on your equipment extends its service life. That’s a win-win!

Let’s work together to form a customized diesel fuel plan.

At Dixon Energy, we work with many commercial customers, fueling operations and projects of varying sizes and complexities. We believe in providing diesel delivery service tailored to your business’s specific needs.

As an established local fuel supplier, we know the roads and weather in this part of New Jersey. That ensures that we can get you the diesel you need, regardless of the challenges. And you can be confident that we’ll be here when you need us. If you require an emergency delivery, Dixon Energy will get it done. We’re committed to your business’s success.

Reach out to us today to discuss receiving commercial diesel fuel.