How To Know If You Need A New Oil Tank

oil tank installation new jerseyA heating oil tank is built to last – but not to last forever.

Depending on its design and construction materials, a heating oil storage tank can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years or more – “or more”, of course, being largely dependent on proper upkeep and routine professional oil tank maintenance.

The challenge with oil tanks, however, is that not all problems associated with them can be easily spotted by visual inspection alone – which means that many people are living with a hazard in their basement without realizing it until it’s too late.

Aging Oil Tank Warning Signs

Still, there are often warning signs of a tank that is nearing the end of its road, or at least needs oil tank repairs. Here are eight telltale signs of oil tank trouble:

  1. Rust and dents — Corrosion and dent marks indicate a problem with how the oil tank operates.
  2. Wet spots — Wet spots underneath the tank or on its surface could mean you have a condensation problem – a common indicator of trouble.
  3. Unstable legs — Did you know that a full 275-gallon oil tank can way more than a ton? All of that pressure goes right on your tank’s supporting legs; if your tank was poorly installed, it’s just a matter of time before a problem arises. If your oil tank legs appear unstable in any way, have your tank inspected immediately.
  4. A faulty vent alarm — Most oil tanks make a sound when they’re being filled to let the technician know that oil is flowing; if you don’t hear a sound when you fill the tank, have your oil tank serviced.
  5. A broken fuel gauge — If the fuel gauge is stuck or broken, have it fixed immediately – a fuel run-out can damage your fuel lines and cause other problems with your heating system.
  6. Stray oil – Oil near the tank — especially on the ground or near the tank gauge – usually indicates a leak. Since oil tanks usually leak from the inside-out, it could be the first sign of a much bigger problem.
  7. Damaged oil lines — Oil lines carry oil between the tank and the furnace; if the rubber tubing is split or cracked, have the unit serviced immediately.
  8. Higher bills — If you’re using oil faster than usual, or if you notice higher heating bills without a change in weather or oil prices, you could have a problem with your tank, or with some other element in your heating system. Have a pro check it out.

Expert Installation And Oil Tank Service In NJ

If your tank is 20 years old or older, it’s time to contact us so we can get to work on replacing it before it fails. Dixon Energy offers FREE heating oil tank inspections, and our experts can tell you whether you need a heating oil tank repair, or if you need to replace it.
We install top-quality, double-walled Roth tanks that are virtually leak-proof, with an outer wall made of galvanized steel, lock-seamed with an oil- and fire-resistant seal. When you purchase a new oil tank, we’ll also give you three years of Proguard tank protection for FREE!*

Problems with your old oil storage tank? Contact Dixon Energy today for a FREE heating oil tank inspection. We’ll diagnose the problem and let you know what options you have – from oil tank repairs to new oil tank installations in NJ.

*Proguard covers cleanup costs in the rare event of a leak or tank replacement. Contact us for details.