Our Home Comfort Team Always Steps Up!

The most trustworthy HVAC & fuel delivery team around

hvac company new jerseyWith the end of summer approaching, we’re thinking about the fantastic job our team of drivers, technicians, customer service and office staff has done so far in 2022. Our team remained dedicated to northern New Jersey households, ensuring their comfort and safety from the coldest winter mornings to the hottest summer afternoons.

They didn’t allow anything to get in the way of delivering heating oil, propane, and top-notch HVAC service. They also had to deal with the challenges of COVID-19, covering each other’s shifts when people were out of work sick.

We cannot thank our employees enough. Dixon Energy’s commitment to your family’s comfort begins with this reliable, loyal team!

Fuel delivery you can count on

We’ve served this region for over a century, never wavering in our promise to show up when we say we will and deliver the home heating fuel our customers depend on. Our team of delivery drivers is friendly, professional and committed. You never have to worry about them arriving late or disrupting your daily routine when filling your tank.

When you sign up for Dixon Energy’s automatic delivery service, you don’t even have to contact us. We’ll keep track of your tank levels based on your home’s size, previous usage and the current weather conditions, then deliver heating oil or propane when you need it.

We also offer convenient, adaptable programs to stabilize and simplify your billing and payments. They include Auto Pay, paperless billing and our E-Z Pay monthly budget, which lets you spread out your annual fuel expenses and cut your winter payments in half!

A world-class HVAC team

We understand that it is more than a comfort issue when a customer’s boiler or furnace goes down on a snowy night or their central air breaks down during an extreme heat wave. It’s about having a place to sleep that’s safe.

That’s when our technicians spring into action. Dixon Energy’s workforce is trained and experienced to get your HVAC equipment back online, so you can be confident in your home’s comfort.

We are always looking for talented, excited team members ready to start a career in the home heating and cooling space. If you or someone you know might be a good fit for our inclusive and respectful workplace, take a look at our job openings!

And finally, thanks to all our valued customers for your trust, patience and kind words this year. They always warm our hearts. If you need service before the heating season arrives, drop us a line.