Pet Owners: 3 Home Comfort Issues To Stay On Top Of

home comfort with pets new jersey

Pets are a special part of your family – but they can also create special problems when it comes to keeping your home heating and cooling systems working smoothly.

Three potential problems posed by your pet – and what to do about them.

  1. Fur – Pet fur can clog furnace and air conditioner air filters and accumulate inside your ductwork, causing your equipment to overwork. If you have a pet that sheds, vacuum regularly your house and furniture regularly, preferably with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter, and check your air filters every few weeks. It’s also critical to keep your heating and A/C systems properly maintained by a professional to ensure proper airflow and optimal function of your equipment.
  2. Dander – Dander comes from your dog or cat’s sloughed off skin cells. If you have a forced air HVAC system (one with a central air conditioner, furnace and vents), it will spread dander and other allergens (including hair) throughout your home, degrading the quality of your indoor air. Bathe and brush your pet regularly to minimize dander, and consider installing a whole-home air purifier to keep the air clean and clear.
  3. Drafts – Many dog owners install a doggie door to give their pet the freedom to come and go at his leisure. But just like any other portal to the outside, a pet door can leak air in or out of your home.

    Make sure your doggie door (and all your exterior doors and windows) are properly weather-sealed, and that they close completely when your dog comes and goes.

Keep your pets happy and your family breathing easier with regular HVAC maintenance and indoor air quality solutions from Dixon Energy. Contact us today for details!