Why Using Propane Is the Greener Choice

propane efficiency new jerseyMost of us have heard of using propane for household items such as grills and heat lamps. But what some people do not know is that it is an incredibly versatile product that can be used in multiple different ways. From heating your furnaces, boilers and water heaters, to using propane to cook and do laundry, to heating pools, spas and fire pits, propane is used for a wide variety of household items. There’s no question that propane can do a lot for your home.

Propane as the greener option

On top of all the above uses, propane is a good choice for the environment and is a greener way to power your home. Here’s why:

Dixon Energy & propane

Here at Dixon Energy, we are committed to ensuring our propane services and deliveries are safe for you and your families. Our versatile, green and efficient propane can keep your home and appliances running smoothly all year long, especially if you enroll in our automatic propane delivery service. Through that service, we monitor how much propane your home uses and, based on that information, schedule deliveries so that you never run too low or fully run out.

We also offer wireless propane tank monitoring with our TankUtility device. Through this monitoring system and an app that you can download, your propane tank levels are tracked as you use propane and your deliveries are scheduled accordingly.

Dixon Energy can help you make the switch to power with propane. Contact us today to learn more about propane, our propane deliveries and our propane installations in the New Jersey area!