Propane Tank Monitors

Propane Tank Monitoring in Morris, Union, Somerset and Southern Sussex County, NJ

Never worry about a propane run-out again with TankUtility propane tank monitoring from Dixon Energy!

When you get your propane from Dixon Energy, you also get unmatched reliability when it comes to our propane delivery service.

Being a fuel delivery company our customers can trust is what has kept us in business for more than a century. We’ve built on that history by using the latest technology to make sure our customers always have the propane they need to keep their homes warm, safe and comfortable.

First, we offer automatic delivery, where we use your prior propane usage and the current weather to accurately predict when you’ll need your home’s propane tank refilled and schedule a delivery to your home before you run low.

But if you want even more peace of mind, we also offer wireless propane tank monitoring through TankUtility! The wireless tank monitor lets us see your propane tank levels in real time, so we always know when you need propane.

We aren’t the only ones kept informed about your propane tank levels. You are, too, because there’s an app for that! Download the TankUtility app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and you can check your propane tank gauge levels, and your propane usage, anywhere you get a signal on your smartphone or tablet!

Contact us to find out more about propane tank monitoring with TankUtility and set up an appointment!

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