Propane Tanks

Propane Tanks in Morris, Somerset, Union and Southern Sussex Counties, N.J.

Trust Dixon Energy with safe, professional propane tank installation and service!

If you’re going to have all of the benefits that efficient, clean-burning propane brings to your home — comfortable heating, fast and reliable water heating, better cooking, pool and spa heating, and more — you’re going to need a propane tank.

Dixon Energy is a full-service propane company. We not only give you reliable propane delivery to your home in Morris, Somerset, Union, or southern Sussex County, we install and rent the propane tanks as well!

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What size propane tank do I need?

Dixon Energy offers a wide range of propane tank sizes, so you can be sure we’ll have one that meets your needs. Our professionals will work with you to find out what you use propane for, as well as how large your home is, to determine the right propane tank for you. Here’s a guide to propane tank sizes:

  • 100-gallon tank: This size is for customers who only use propane for one appliance, like a range or a fireplace.
  • 200-gallon tank: If you use propane for more than one appliance, like a range, a water heater and a clothes dryer, this is likely the size you need. It’s not large enough for whole-house heating.
  • 420-gallon and 500-gallon tank: Depending on how large your home is, this is the tank size you’ll need if you use propane for heating your home as well as for heating water, cooking, fireplaces and more.
  • 1,000-gallon tank: More commonly used in commercial or industrial applications, this tank is also for very large homes where propane is used for heating as well as for appliances like ranges, water heaters, and pool and spa heaters.

Why you should lease your propane tank with Dixon Energy

There are distinct advantages to leasing your propane tank as opposed to buying it.

The first advantage is cost. To buy and install a propane tank at your home, you could easily be looking at more than $1,000. You are also responsible for maintenance and repair costs.

With affordable tank leasing from Dixon Energy, we take care of all that! Our trained and experienced technicians will safely and properly install your propane tank. We provide maintenance and repairs.

Get peace of mind with Dixon Energy’s propane tank leasing. Contact us today to learn more!