How To Save Money on Your Heat This Winter

home energy tips new jerseyYou’re of course going to be using your heat this winter. This inevitably means that your electric bills are going to go up. But this does not necessarily mean those bills have to be out of control and completely unmanageable. There are ways that you can save a little money even while using your heat. Let’s take a look at how.

5 Home Energy Saving Tips

  1. If there are rooms in your house that never seem to get warm no matter how high the heat is or constantly have a draft-like feeling in them add insulation. Extra insulation in your home’s exterior walls, basement, attic, or crawlspaces is certainly a way you can save money on heat. If you feel like going even further, add storm windows as these will help warm your house without needing to adjust your thermostat temperature.
  2. Use the sun to your advantage. Open curtains and blinds to let the sun in during the day and close them at night to keep the heat inside.
  3. Consider switching to a programmable thermostat. These allow you to set a timer for when you want the temperature changed. For example, if you’re planning on being out of your house for a while you can set a programmable thermostat to shut off 20-30 minutes before you leave. You can do the same thing for your return by setting the thermostat to turn back on shortly before you come home. This way the heat isn’t consistently running while you’re out, but your house is still warm when you open the front door.
  4. Heat can easily escape if you have any leaks under your home’s windows and doors and through chimneys. Caulking, weather stripping, and installing plastic window covers all help trap the heat.
  5. If you’ve got a clogged air filter, your furnace may be working overtime, which is definitely going to make your heating bill higher. During the winter season, we recommended checking your air filters once a month and cleaning or replacing them accordingly.

To make sure your home’s heat is working properly and as well as it should, schedule an annual tune-up with Dixon Energy. We are here for your heating service needs in New Jersey and we offer service plans. Contact us today to learn more!