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Heating Service Plans

Service Plans Save Money

We have Service Plans for oil and gas heating systems, central air conditioning systems, and water heaters– with many options!

Service plans just plain make sense. The cost is easily outweighed by the savings achieved with increased efficiency and lifespan of well maintained and expertly tuned equipment along the peace of mind knowing the most important equipment in your house is always running at peak performance.

And if something does  go wrong (as happens from time to time with all equipment) you know you will have coverage, helping you save on the repair.

Our Home+ Bundle Plans offer year-round value!

Bundle 2 service plans, save 5%.

Bundle 3 service plans, save 10%

Combine an oil or gas heating service plan with our Cool Comfort A/C service plan and save 5%. Add the HOT H2O water heater plan and save 10%. Great protection with some nice savings!

Heating Service Plans

Policy A – Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone Plan is our simplest, most affordable protection plan. It helps keep costly repairs under control. This plan offers:

  • Annual tune-up and preventative maintenance highlighted above. (Customer must schedule)
  • An overall 15% discount on parts and labor, and 15% off the diagnostic fee.

Policy B – Primary Protection

The Primary Protection Plan offers more—more parts are covered and labor on some repairs in included. This plan offers:

  • Annual tune-up and preventative maintenance highlighted above. (Customer must schedule)
  • Repair or replacement of a wide range of parts
  • Labor on covered parts and services is INCLUDED.

Policy C – Carefree Coverage

The Carefree Coverage Plan includes everything on the Primary Protection Plan and takes your coverage to a higher level. This plan covers parts and labor for just about any problem your system may experience. This plan offers:

  • Annual tune-up and preventative maintenance highlighted above. (Customer must schedule)
  • Repair or replacement of all parts covered in the Primary Plan PLUS additional parts
  • Labor on covered parts and services is INCLUDED.

Download our Heating Service Plan

The Warm Advantage Gas Heating Service Plan

  • 15-point annual tune-up and preventative maintenance. (Customer must schedule)
  • 15% discount on parts and labor and diagnostic fee.

Air Conditioning Service Plan

Contact us to learn about our “Cool Comfort” Service Plan here.

Water Heater Service Plan

Contact us to learn about our water heater service plan here.

Service Hours and General Notes

  1. Summer season service hours are from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  2. Sunday and holiday service will be rendered for emergency calls such as no heat, serious fuel and water leaks, or dangerous situations. Any service requested on Sundays or holidays that is not of this nature will incur charges of our hourly rate.
  3. Tune-ups must be scheduled between March 1 and October 1. Appointments after this date cannot be guaranteed.
  4. We reserve the right to accept or decline orders for our plan after inspection of the oil burner system.
  5. Replacement of obsolete parts is not guaranteed. This contract will not cover water damaged parts.
General Terms & Conditions
  • Heating Maintenance is available only to customers regularly supplied with oil by us. This policy may be cancelled if payments for oil and service are not made in accordance with our regular credit terms. Prices included herein do not apply to multiple type buildings.
  • All plans are automatically self-renewable from year to year unless either party gives 30 days prior written notice. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. The plans are non-refundable.
  • We guarantee satisfaction, therefore we reserve the right after inspecting equipment to specify the type of protection for it. If the equipment covered by this guarantee is serviced by outside parties or if outside parties supply fuel to the equipment, the guarantee is automatically declared null and void.
  • Plans do not cover the cost of labor or materials for flushing boilers, draining systems, or for damage caused by fire, water, or any other abnormal cause which may affect the operation of the equipment; nor do they cover the cost of switches turned off, FAILURE OF LOW WATER CUT-OFF TO FUNCTION, or failure to keep an adequate supply of oil in tank (unless oil is being supplied under our Automatic Delivery Service). Service and materials not covered by a service policy will be charged at our standard list prices.
  • Heating Maintenance provides for the repair or replacement of no more than one part each per contract year from the parts listed in this folder. (NO OTHER PARTS OF THE FURNACE, BOILER OR HEATING SYSTEM ARE COVERED.) We never hesitate to replace a part when needed but replacement parts cannot be guaranteed.
  • Failure to authorize the performance of service work as recommended by our service department may necessitate service charges or cancellation of your service plan.
  • We are equipped to provide emergency service promptly, but cannot be liable for any delay or failure to supply service or material because of conditions beyond our control. In no event shall we be liable for any consequential damages or injury. We assume no responsibility for heating failure or damage when house or building is unoccupied.
  • The low-water cut-off should be flushed regularly by owner to prevent sediment from interfering with its operation. The company will not assume responsibility for the failure of this control.
  • This is a group rate. No refunds on any unused portions. The company reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time in the event of willful misuse by the customer.
  • Annual tune-up will be done from March through September during tune-up appointment hours. These hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM. A phone call is required to set up your annual tune-up.
  • Whenever service is required on parts not covered by Service Policies, charges for labor will be at our normal hourly charges.