Improve Your Indoor Air Quality: 7 Ways

Ways to improve air quality new jersey

Did you know that the air inside your home could contain four or five times more pollutants and allergens than the air outside your home? That’s something to really pay attention to with the amount of time we’re spending indoors these days, swallowing an average of 15,000 gallons of air every 24 hours.

The good news is that you can greatly indoor air quality by making some simple lifestyle choices and a couple of smart investments. Here are seven changes you can make to help your family breathe a little easier in your New Jersey home.

7 Changes To Make For Better Air In Your Home

  1. Make healthier cleaning choices. Most mass-market cleaners available today are loaded with harmful chemicals; choose “greener” options. Better yet, make your own: homemade vinegar and baking soda cleaners will clean or disinfect just any material or surface.
  2. Spend a little more on “clean” building materials. Planning a home improvement project? Use products that are low-VOC and mold resistant, such as fiberglass-covered drywall or gypsum board and low-VOC paint. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) can cause respiratory tract irritation, headaches, dizziness, visual disorders, and memory impairment.
  3. Add plants. Houseplants are nature’s air filter: according to NASA, they remove formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethane from the air and replace it with oxygen. Top choices for clearing the air include Bamboo Palm, Chinese Evergreen, English Ivy, Ficus, Gerbera, Golden Pothos, Peace Lily, Philodendron, Pot Mum, and Spider Plants.
  4. Ventilate hobby rooms. We all love our hobbies, but some of them use some pretty toxic materials. If you plan to strip paint, use adhesives, or do any other activities that expose you to harmful vapors, be sure to do it in a well-vented room – or better yet, work outside.
  5. Change your air filters every month. The filter in your air conditioner or furnace is your home’s first line of defense against particles, dust, microorganisms, and allergens, so be sure it’s clean enough to do its job. Check your furnace filters or A/C filters about once a month, cleaning or changing them (depending on the model) when necessary.
  6. Maintain your HVAC equipment. Professional maintenance for your heating or cooling system will keep your equipment working well, your air circulating properly, and humidification under control. If you haven’t scheduled your annual HVAC tune-up yet this year, contact us to make an appointment today.
  7. Invest in a whole-house air purification system. If budget allows, install indoor air quality equipment such as a whole-house humidifier/dehumidifier or the award-winning REME HALO®. This next-gen indoor air quality solution safely removes the risks of airborne and surface bacteria, mold spores and viruses, including MRSA, e-coli, and Norwalk, to name a few. It even eliminates odors from cooking, manufacturing and processing foods. Learn more about the REME HALO™ system here.

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