Smart Thermostats: Program Your Comfort!

Save on heating and cooling costs

programming thermostat new jerseyWireless technology has changed so much about our lives. Thanks to it, we can keep in touch with loved ones no matter where we are, work at home or in the local coffee shop, and stream our favorite TV shows and movies to enjoy both home and away.

There’s another benefit wireless technology has give us: the ability to better control our home’s HVAC system and energy costs with RedLINK from Honeywell smart thermostats installed by Dixon Energy!

You get to monitor and control your home’s heating and cooling system on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere you get a wireless or cellular signal thanks to the user-friendly app that comes with your new smart thermostat.

Benefits of smart thermostats

Save on heating and cooling costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, using programmable thermostats may save you 10% or more on your heating and cooling costs. Given that half of your home’s energy expenses are spent on heat and air conditioning, that’s a significant amount of money!

Peace of mind. You no longer need to worry that you might have forgotten to set the thermostat when you left the house, and thus increasing your heating or cooling costs. You can check your thermostat settings from the app and adjust if needed and leave those worries behind!

Better performance. Controlling your HVAC temperature settings is just the beginning of what a RedLINK smart thermostat can do for you. It also monitors the air quality in your home, adjusts your temperature settings when energy prices are higher to help you save on energy costs, and monitors your HVAC system’s performance and alerts you when you need service, need to change the air filter, and need to schedule your maintenance tune-up with Dixon Energy.

Smart thermostat setting tips

You don’t have to give up comfort while using your smart thermostat to save on your home’s cooling and heating costs. These guidelines from the U.S. Department of Energy are designed for an optimum balance of comfort and savings.

Warmer weather:

Colder weather:

Other tips:

Get energy savings and convenience with a smart thermostat installed by Dixon Energy! Contact us today to get started.