A/C Maintenance Keeps You Cool All Season

Get a tune-up now for peace of mind all summer long

home cooling service new jerseyHere in New Jersey, it’s not yet air conditioning season, but it soon will be.

That makes now the ideal time to get your home’s air conditioning system its annual maintenance tune-up from the skilled, experienced service technicians at Dixon Energy.

With heating season thankfully over and the rush for A/C service not yet begun, we’re more open in terms of appointments for service. You’ll be able to get a date and time for your home’s A/C tune-up that suits your schedule.

Why is annual air conditioning maintenance important?

Would you drive your car for years without getting a tune-up, or even an oil and filter change? We hope that you wouldn’t!

If you don’t give your home’s central air conditioning an annual maintenance check, it’s essentially the same as neglecting your car’s upkeep. Inadequate maintenance might result in additional breakdowns, higher repair costs, and a shorter A/C lifespan.

Annual checkups have several advantages. They aid in the efficient functioning of your air conditioning system. As a result, you will not have to use as much energy to keep your house cool. And with the way energy costs have been lately, that could save you a whole lot of money!

To preserve your air conditioning system’s warranty, you may need to have it maintained by an HVAC professional once a year. Annual professional tune-ups could come in handy if you ever need to use the A/C’s warranty.

Preventative maintenance is important for your air conditioning system so that our skilled experts can inspect it thoroughly, spot and correct issues before they get worse and cause the air conditioning to break down.

Protect your home’s A/C with a Cool Comfort service plan

Our affordable Cool Comfort service plans help you ensure that your home’s air conditioning runs properly, as each plan includes an annual tune-up.

You are also protected when it comes to repair costs, as Cool Comfort plans also cover many parts and labor costs in the event your air conditioning breaks down.

Contact Dixon Energy today to schedule your annual air conditioning maintenance tune-up. And don’t forget to ask about our Cool Comfort service plans!