tank monitor agreement

Propane Tank Monitoring Agreement

If you want even more peace of mind with your propane delivery, we offer it with propane tank monitoring with TankUtility!

Here’s how it works. We install a wireless tank monitor on your propane tank. It transmits to us constantly the volume of propane in your tank. We know in real time just how much propane you have. And when your tank reaches a predetermined level set by you, it sends us an alert so we know to schedule a propane delivery to your home.

And not only are we informed of how much propane you have, you are, too, with the TankUtility app! You can use your phone or tablet to check your tank gauge levels any time, anywhere you have a signal. It’s available at both the Apple Store and Google Play.

TankUtility tank monitoring is also great for second homes, and homes that use propane for pool heating, cooking, and fireplaces. That’s because propane use may not be as consistent in these case, so predicting usage is more of a challenge.

It’s easy to sign up for TankUtility.

If you would like to participate in our tank monitoring program, please review and complete the agreement below. Check our propane tank monitor page to learn more.

The customer allows Dixon to install a tank monitor on the propane fuel tank located at his/her property. Dixon agrees to survey the location, and provide information for the physical conditions necessary to install and maintain the device.

The customer understands that at all times the monitor will remain the property of Dixon. Should the customer cease purchasing propane from Dixon or purchases propane from another supplier, the customer must return the monitor to Dixon in a timely fashion. If the customer fails to provide Dixon with reasonable access to the tank during normal working hours, or moves without returning the monitor, or simply refuses to return the monitor for any reason, then the customer will be obligated to pay to Dixon a purchase price of $275.00, plus a monthly fee of $7.00 per month for every month that the monitor remains in the customer’s possession.

Dixon will install the monitor on the customer’s above ground tank for FREE (Special Introductory Offer). There will be an ongoing fee of $7.00 billed monthly or an annual charge of $80.00, whichever payment option the customer prefers.

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