What If I Run Out of Heating Oil?

Don’t lose your home heating on a frosty winter night.

heating oil Randolph, NJ If you use heating oil to keep your home warm in the winter, you have one of the most robust heating fuels around. One gallon of heating oil can generate an exceptional 138,500 Btu of heat energy. You can feel confident that your furnace or boiler will keep you home comfortable on the coldest nights of winter.

Of course, you need to have heating oil in your tank to enjoy this reliable heat.

In Randolph and other North Jersey cities, the Dixon Energy team helps customers who need emergency heating oil deliveries. We also have no-fee delivery options that can make heating oil run-outs a thing of the past.

Why do people run out of heating oil in winter?

As you know, households with oil-fired heating equipment use more fuel in the winter when boilers and furnaces are running more frequently. Fuel usage also becomes less predictable. On a week where daytime temperatures reach the 40s, you will use less heating oil than when we’re facing a sustained cold snap.

If you neglect to check your tank’s gauge in the week before a winter storm or a sudden temperature drop, you could end up running out of heating oil when you most need it.

How do you check your heating oil tank gauge?

Your heating oil tank’s gauge is generally a glass or plastic vial located on top of the tank. There’s a colored disc suspended in the gauge, which has markings like a car’s fuel gauge: F, ¾, ½ and ¼.

The disc’s position will tell you how full your oil tank is. If you can’t see the disc at all, you might be out of fuel. If the disc is at or near the bottom of the vial, you’re probably close to empty. Reach out to the Dixon Energy team immediately for an emergency heating oil delivery.

If you’re a “will call” customer, we ask that you contact us before your tank reaches the ¼ mark. Doing so will minimize the chance of an unanticipated run-out, but it does require you to diligently track your tank levels.

Will a heating oil run-out harm your heating system?

The good news is that, while running out of heating oil can be a major inconvenience for your home and family, it typically won’t cause any lasting damage to your heating equipment.

However, restarting your furnace or boiler after your heating oil tank is filled will involve priming your oil burner. This process bleeds out any air that is in the system. Please consult your equipment manual, or you can talk to a Dixon Energy technician about it.

Dixon Energy puts an end to heating oil run-outs!

Becoming a Dixon Energy customer means you can take advantage of our complimentary automatic delivery service. When you enroll in this service, you no longer need to check your tank gauge. Our state-of-the-art system tracks your heating oil use. Then, we schedule your next heating oil delivery before you run low. Automatic delivery takes the stress out of home heating and ends the days of unexpected run-outs.

Get in touch with us today to become a Dixon Energy customer and start receiving automatic heating oil deliveries.