What is a Heat Pump?

A heating and cooling solution for homes without ductwork

heat pump service new jersey Plenty of homeowners in Rockway, Morristown, and other northern New Jersey communities have houses without ducts. And many think that they’re locked into certain heating and cooling options as a result.

But there’s a fantastic solution available that provides cooling and heating options without the need for ductwork. It’s unobtrusive, adaptable and powered entirely by electricity: a heat pump system.

How do heat pumps work?

Essentially, heat pumps take transfer warm air between the inside and outside of your living space. They do this using two main components:

A thin pipe connects these components through your wall. You can connect multiple indoor air handlers to a single outdoor unit.

In hot weather, warm air inside your home is blown across the air handler coils, where it’s cooled. Cooler air is blown back into your home, and hot air exits via the outdoor unit.

When it’s cold outside, the process reverses. The heating source is now the air outside. The outdoor unit absorbs heat energy and transfers it inside via the air handler.

Where do heat pumps work best?

In the process described above, you might notice that the heat pump system does not produce heat on its own. It relies on heat from the air. For this reason, heat pumps are most effective for heating in milder times of the year. When it’s below freezing, they may not be able to heat your space fully, and you’ll need to fall back on a boiler or other supplemental heating system.

What are some benefits of heat pumps?

Despite these limitations for heating, heat pumps offer fantastic cooling during the summer. And during the fall and early winter in this part of the Northeast, you can generally rely on them to keep you warm.

Additionally, heat pump systems provide zoned heating and cooling. This means you can maintain different parts of your home at different temperature settings. Plus, heat pumps typically cost less to run in the summer than central air conditioning. They last longer too.

Even if you have good heating for most of your home with a furnace or boiler, heat pumps offer excellent localized heating and cooling for garages, guest houses, sunrooms and finished attics.

Finally, heat pump installation is a quick, non-disruptive process, often finished in a day or two.

Dixon Energy can be your heat pump destination!

The team at Dixon Energy has experience and training with heat pump installation. We’ll set up your system promptly and with minimal inconvenience to your daily life. We’ll make sure your air handlers are positioned for maximum comfort.

Dixon Energy also handles heat pump repair and maintenance. You can even take advantage of one of our service plans so your system receives annual service.

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of a heat pump system, we can show you some great options. Contact us today.