What Size Standby Generator Do You Need?

Consider your necessary systems and home comfort equipment.

generator options Morris Plains, nj Each year, more households, businesses and vehicles become reliant on electricity. Unfortunately, our power grid’s capacity and infrastructure don’t always meet this ballooning demand. The result is power outages.

Electricity blackouts are inconvenient for everyone and dangerous for many people. The families we serve in Morris, Union, Somerset and Sussex counties need electricity for vital medical or mobility equipment. Refrigerators, HVAC systems, sump pumps — they all depend on electricity to work.

How can you feel confident about your home’s safety and comfort when the grid is far from reliable?

At Dixon Energy, we have a solution that helps you rest easy: a propane whole-home standby generator.

How do standby generators work?

As the name suggests, these generators are always on standby in case your home stops receiving power from the grid. You don’t even need to be home or awake to activate them. A sensor in the generator is alerted when the power goes out. In a matter of seconds, a transfer switch moves your home’s electric current to generator power.

Why is propane a good generator fuel?

Propane is an ideal fuel for standby generators. You don’t need to hook up to a utility to power your generator, as you would with a natural gas generator. And it has significant advantages over gasoline and diesel.

How do you choose the right size generator?

To begin, you need to identify your specific home needs upfront. Once you have a sense of which appliances, systems, fixtures and outlets you need to power, you can choose a product that meets those needs. You can divide your electrical products into two categories:

Power Essentials High Wattage Items
heating equipment
garage door opener
refrigerator and freezer
sump pump
security system
TV and computers
washing machine
air conditioner
electric dryer
heat pump
hot tub
water heater
well pump

Depending on how much you need to keep powered during an outage, you can choose from a range of propane generators. A 5-kilowatt (kW) unit would be sufficient to power your home’s lighting, fridge, television and some other small appliances.

On the other hand, you could choose a 25-kW generator, which can easily run high-wattage heating or A/C equipment along with lights and appliances.

Dixon Energy has the right generator for your home.

We understand that identifying the right standby generator for your home can be complex. Luckily, you can draw on the decades of experience and expertise at Dixon Energy. Our team members would be happy to discuss your family’s needs and show you what generator options are available to you. We also provide unparalleled propane delivery to keep your whole-home generator dependably fueled.

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