Why Think About Your Oil Tank This Summer?

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You probably haven’t thought very much about your home heating system lately, with temperatures routinely reaching the 90+ degree mark this summer in New Jersey. But if you own an oil-fired system, there are a few things you should be thinking about before temperatures start falling next month.

The first of those things is making sure you have enough heating oil in your tank – not because you need it, but because your tank does.

Condensation In The Tank

In the months between heating system uses, condensation (water) can form inside an empty (or near empty) heating oil tank. That’s good news for the bacteria living in your heating oil, but not so good news for your oil or your tank. Those happy bacteria will eventually break down your heating oil, turning it into a fuel line and nozzle-jamming sludge that can lower your heating efficiency and even shut down your heating system.

Condensation can also speed tank failure: since water is heavier than heating oil, it will eventually sink to the bottom of your tank and corrode it from the inside out.

Needless to say, a failing heating oil tank is something you want to avoid.

The second thing you want to do? Schedule a professional heating oil tank inspection. Even the most thorough visual inspection won’t reveal what’s happening inside your tank – but ultrasonic oil tank testing will. Look for professionals who offer this service: many steel tanks corrode from the inside out, often leaving few warning signs of a future leak or tank failure.

Need to top off your heating tank or have it inspected this summer? We can help you with both! Contact us today for an offseason heating oil delivery in Morris, Somerset, Union and Southern Sussex Counties, N.J.