What Are the Benefits of Smart Thermostats?

A Smart and Easy Way to Save on Heating and Cooling

thermostat options new jerseyFor quite a few years now, we have been telling our customers that one of the easiest ways to save money and remain comfortable is to replace your old manual thermostat with a high-quality programmable thermostat, which lets you “set it and forget it.” You can program in different day, night and weekend temperature settings to help you conserve a lot of energy.

These days, we’re singing the praises of upgrading to a new wireless comfort control system that allows you to monitor and manage your heating and cooling system from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. In other words, a smart thermostat.

But technology has brought us even farther. With the RedLINK smart thermostats that Dixon Energy installs, you can also monitor the air quality in your home and adjust the temperature when utility prices are higher to give yourself lower energy costs.

If something goes wrong with your heating and cooling equipment, the thermostat will send you an alert, and it will send reminders to change your air filter or schedule a tune-up with Dixon Energy.

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Choosing the Right Temperature

It could be a tempting idea during the winter to take the strain off your furnace or boiler by dropping temperatures quite a bit at night to save money on heat. Or you may think about turning off your heating system when you’re away from home or if you own a vacation home that sits empty in the winter.

But the truth is, these are not good ideas. We wouldn’t ever recommend having the temperatures in your home fall much below 60°F – a temperature that can strike a good balance between conserving energy and preventing costly problems.

To achieve an optimum balance of comfort and savings, the U.S Department of Energy suggests the following temperature settings for your home thermostat during the cold weather months.

In the winter, the optimal setting is 68°F when you’re at home. Dial it down toward the 60°F range when you’re asleep or out of the house. The temperatures you ultimately choose will depend on factors like the outdoor temperature and your family’s comfort preferences. Remember, these are just guidelines. But don’t set your thermostat too low or else you risk frozen pipes.

Read more about smart thermostats.

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