Making Earth-Friendly Choices For Your Home

efficient appliances new jerseyOn April 22 each year since 1970, people have celebrated Earth Day – a chance for people to come together and show their passion for creating a healthier, more sustainable planet.

The question is, how can we continue to live in the spirit of Earth Day on the other 364 days every year?

Choosing Energy-Efficient Appliances

While steps like recycling and bicycling to work will certainly lessen your environmental impact, few actions will shrink your carbon footprint more effectively than changing the way you heat and power your home and thoughtfully choosing your appliances.

By using propane rather than electricity to power your home heating system, for example, you can cut greenhouse gas emissions by as much as half (since nearly half of the electricity produced in NJ comes from natural gas or coal-fired plants). Propane gas-powered appliances are often more efficient than electric-powered models, too – a tankless propane water heater, for example, can reduce energy use by 50 percent compared to a similar unit powered by electricity, according to the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).

Of course, your furnace, boiler, and water heater are not the only energy-consuming appliances in your New Jersey home: by choosing high efficiency central air conditioner or ductless mini-split, you will take an even bigger bite out of your energy use – and your monthly bills as a result.

The bottom line: If you want to be more Earth–friendly, pay close attention to the way you heat, cool, and power your home every day. Choose high-efficiency appliances, maintain them regularly, and follow sensible energy savings practices like the ones you’ll find on this blog!

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